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 Last Update:  17 September 2016

- Special Purpose Systems -

Descriptions of Systems Designed for Specific Client Requirements

NOTE: All our Special Systems are ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, CONTAIN NO GMO's, and will not upset anyone's precious FEELINGS or delicate SENSIBILITIES.

EPI, Inc. is, primarily, an engineering and technology company. In that regard, EPI has had the opportunity to devise and implement innovative and successful solutions to various persistent and troublesome problems in several different areas of powerplant and power transmission development.

This section of the website provides some brief insights into a few of those special-purpose solutions. It should be noted at the outset that each system described here is the sole and exclusive property of the client for whom we designed it, and is presented here with the approval of each of those clients

Table of Contents

1. ECR Engines' AVL Dyno Coupling System A system which EPI designed and built for a leading NASCAR engine developer to enable the reliable full-time operation of their active dyno testing cells.

2. AVL Dyno Gearbox System A system which EPI designed and built for a world-renowned race engine design and development company to allow their 800 HP AVL dyno with a 9000 RPM limit to be used for testing a new race engine which operates at much higher speeds.

3. Turbine Engine Dynamometer System An engine dynamometer system which EPI designed and built to measure and record in real time the rpm, power, torque, airflow, fuel flow, and all the significant pressures and temperatures in a small 200 HP gas turbine engine.

4. Portable, T-62-Powered Oil Drilling Rig A lightweight turbine powerplant which provides high-presssure / high-volume compressed air and high-pressure hydraulic power for rapid drilling in the oil exploration industry.

5. Standby Alternator Drive for STC'd TPE-331 Engine Swap The standby alternator drive EPI designed and built for Texas Turbines' STC'd engine upgrade the for the Cessna 208.

6. 25+% Power Increase for Large 2-Stroke Diesel Engine A description of the new cylinder head, camshaft and pilot injection system EPI developed for a WW-2-vintage 2-stroke diesel engine which enabled it to meet EPA emissions requirements AND gave a substantial power increase.

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