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- EPI Company Background -

History, Capabilities, Standards

EPI Inc. is a small corporation, started in 1994 by Jack Kane, for the purpose of designing, developing and manufacturing piston engines, power transmission systems and subsystems.

EPI has designed and developed successful high performance engines and power transmission systems, subsystems and performance improvements for diverse applications including aircraft, helicopters, auto racing (NASCAR and IndyCar), boat racing, oil exploration, trucks and locomotives.

EPI has designed and produced successful propeller speed reduction gearboxes which enable the use of high-RPM, high-power engines to power certain propeller-driven aircraft. The EPI Mark-9 gearbox is one of the most successful propeller reduction units ever made, having achieved thousands of cumulative hours of problem-free flight time.

EPI uses a comprehensive collection of analysis, measurement and manufacturing tools which make it possible to accomplish major projects in relatively short timeframes.

Our analysis tools include powerful purchased software packages (3-D CAD, FEA, Valvetrain Analysis, Engine Simulation) as well in-house proprietary software for the design of gears, the analysis of dynamic loading in geared systems, the determination of the life and load capacity of journal, face, and rolling element bearings, and for analysis of various aspects of aircraft engine installation problems.

Our measurement tools include computerized systems for airflow measurement, camshaft measurement and engine output measurement, as well as a powerful computerized data acquisition system suitable for collection and analysis of flight data during test flight programs.

EPI does more than theoretical work. The company has comprehensive machining and fabrication capabilities, which include precision machining, casting, TIG welding of alloy steels, stainless, aluminum and magnesium.

EPI maintains working relationships with proven specialty-vendors for high quality casting, CNC work, heat treating, grinding, surface treatments, gear and spline work, as well as with suppliers of specialty engine components, including one of the pre-eminent cam lobe designers in the world. The in-house capabilities combined with these relationships enable rapid prototyping and development of new designs.

We also provide 3D-CAD services (SolidWorks™), FEA (COSMOS™) and CFD (PSW™) for clients, while guaranteeing the utmost in confidentiality and protection of clients' data and ideas.

Our billing rates are modest. EPI does not charge clients for time spent learning to use tools, fighting with software, fixing machines, or the like. If we think the cost of a particular project has become excessive, we adjust the invoice before submitting it to the client. We are able to admit mistakes when we make them, and do not charge the client (directly or indirectly) to recover from our mistakes.

As a primary business goal, EPI attempts to maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. We strive to provide the best possible product for our clients, and we work equally well as an independent entity or as part of a team effort.

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