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Design, Development and Manufacture of
Engine and Gearbox Systems and Components

Aircraft, Automotive, Marine and Industrial Applications

NOTE: All our products are ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, CONTAIN NO GMO's, and will not upset anyone's precious FEELINGS or delicate SENSIBILITIES.

EPI, Inc. specializes in the design and development of piston engines and of power transmission systems, as well as components and subsystems for aircraft, automotive, marine and industrial applications. EPI also provides expert 3D-CAD, reverse-engineering, and superior technical writing services. CLICK HERE for a more complete presentation of the services and products EPI, Inc. provides.

2000 HP Original Design 60° V-12
High Performance, Reliable
Aircraft Engines and Subsystems
Complete Engine Development Services including airflow measurement, cam profile evaluation, dyno-testing, component design
Design, Development and Testing
of High Performance Engines
Dyno-System Upgrade for NASCAR Engine Supplier
Dyno-System Upgrade for
NASCAR Engine Supplier
Dyno-System Upgrade for IndyCar Engine Supplier
Dyno-System Upgrade for
IndyCar Engine Supplier
EPI 73-pound PSRU on 650 HP Reno Racer
Reliable, Lightweight
Propeller Reduction Gearboxes
ORENDA 600 HP V8 Engine on Aero-Commander 685
Design and Fabrication of Complete
Aircraft Engine Conversions
STC'd Standby Alternator for TPE-331 Engine
Subsystems for
Certified Aircraft
Turbine Oil Exploration Rig
Leading-Edge Power Systems
for Industrial and Marine Applications

EPI, Inc. has designed and developed a wide variety of products, including:

  1. Reliable, high-performance piston engines for aircraft, marine and racing applications,
  2. Specialized engineering and hardware for a prominent NASCAR ™ team,
  3. Lightweight, extremely reliable propeller reduction gearboxes (PSRU's),
  4. Gearboxes and accessories for Garrett TPE-331, Allison B-250 and Solar T-62 turbine engines,
  5. Conversions which replace the engines on existing aircraft with newer, more powerful engines,
  6. A new cylinder head for a diesel locomotive engine that helped it meet emissions requirements, and increased the power by 25% as a side effect,
  7. A turbine-powered oil exploration system,
  8. Power transmission components for a popular 2-place helicopter,

and Much More.

This site describes EPI's Engine and Drive System products, EPI's Design, Analysis and Prototyping services, together with a large collection of technical information about (a) piston engine design, implementation and performance improvements, (b) design and implementation of transmissions and propeller reduction drives, (c) design and execution of aircraft engine installations and conversions, and a host of related subjects.

One of the primary objectives of this website is to present technical information in an intuitive way, without the need to digest lots of math in order to understand the concepts. There are lots of graphs and pictures to assist the painless transfer of information.

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Some of the many topics presented on this site include:

  • piston engine technology
  • airflow passage design
  • valve-train design
  • torsional vibration
  • heat transfer
  • engine mount design
  • reduction drive technology
  • gear design
  • shaft design
  • bearing loadings
  • component fatigue and life predictions
  • propeller characteristics
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The technical information presented on this site can be verified and expanded from a variety of engineering texts (see Reference Library) and from history. References to works in the EPI Technical Library are shown in the following format:

Library Section Number  :  Book Number  :   Page Range.

For example, the notation (ref-2 : 6 : 377-390) refers to Library Section 2 {Mechanical Design}, Book 6 {Applied Tribology}, Pages 377 through 390.


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