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- Propeller Technology -

An Introduction to Critical Information on Propellers

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This section of the EPI Website presents some critical information regarding the performance and safe operation of propellers.

Table of Contents

1. Propeller Performance The factors which influence propeller performance and how those factors relate to the performance of your aircraft.

2. Propeller Vibration A brief introduction to propeller vibration problems and the propeller problems caused by torsional excitation by piston engines.

3. Propeller Damage A discussion of the damage which occurs both to propellers and to all the machinery which drives them, when the prop strikes something other than air and water molecules.

4. Direction of Prop Rotation A discussion of the effects of having the propeller rotate in the same direction as the engine, and in the opposite direction as the engine. (This is a page in the PROPELLER GEARBOX section of this website, but covers overlapping subject material.)

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