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  Last Update: 01 August 2013

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Content Summary of Previous Issues

The following summaries give a brief synopsis of the major articles contained in
previous issues of RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY magazine.     
In addition to these major articles, there are numerous other shorter features
in each issue which are of interest to most engine people.


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Issue 070 Cover
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1. GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: Audi's radical compressed air system; Chevrolet (Ilmor) and Honda square-up in IndyCar racing, with new engine details; HPD's development of direct-injection for their turbo-V6; The return of Jaguar to GT-2 racing, and much more.
2. IN CONVERSATION: Toyota's Hisatake Murata - Ian Bamsey finds out why Mr. Murata is known worldwide as the father of the racing hybrid, discussing fascinating insights into hybrid technologies.
3. ALTERNATIVE POWER: OSCar e0 Dakar Rally Car - Lawrence Butcher reports on the hybrid technology in the OSCar e0, and how that effort proves that off-the-shelf hybrid ttechnology can succees in the grueling Dakar Rally.
4. DOSSIER: Jay Dickens DLM Engines - Ian Bamsey looks into a world in which engine design and development is refreshingly free from bureaucratic nonsense and stifling regulation, with insight into Dickens' 4.250-bore smallblock-based powerplants.
5. FOCUS: Lubricants - Wayne Ward explains the mechanisms that affect the operation and life-cycles of motorsport oils and greases, with clear explanations of the lubricant shear forces, viscosity parameters, contamination, and other essential knowledge.
6. SHORT TAKE: Hydrogen-fueled Aston-Martin - Ian Bamsey investigates how Aston Martin intends to be the first to use hydrogen fuel in a 24-hour race.
7. IN CONVERSATION: Steve Johns - Ian Bamsey presents an interesting discussion with Steve Johns, head of engine development at the cutting-edge Cagnazzi Racing NHRA Pro Stock team, discussing valve inclination and cant angles, valve sizes, firing orders, casting sources, andother topics.
8. INSIGHT: EVL 125cc Two-Stroke - Ian Bamsey investigates how a Dutchman specializing in 125cc two-stroke race engines produced a successful engine of his own.
9. FOCUS: Oil Pumps - David Cooper examines the design, materials and manufacturing that go into providing a race-winning oil pump solution.
10. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Martin Motorsport / Neal Racing V8 - Lawrence Butcher reveals how "going back to the drawing board" gave Neal Racing's Big-Block Chevy a fresh lease on life in the world of NHRA Super Comp and Top Dragster competition.
11. FORMULA STUDENT: Leicester Racing - Chris Baines reports on how a University of Leicester team is going all-electric as it vies for top hounrs in the Formula Student competition.


Issue 069 Cover
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1. GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: Exhaust gas recirculation might come to Formula One; Possible composite engine for the Delta-Wing racecar; nanotechnology coating for pistons, and much more.
2. DOSSIER: Mussett MR-1500T - Ian Bamsey presents an in-depth analysis of Mussett Racing's new adaptation of the Suzuki Hayabusa-based turbo race engine to F1-Powerboats.
3. INSIGHT: VHM PSM Suzuki I4 - Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit investigate the recent development of the Vance & Hines Pro Stock Motorcycle Suzuki Inline-4 1750-cc race engine and the solution to the crankshaft problems.
4. FOCUS: Valves - Wayne Ward presents an interesting look at how the changes in motorsport regulations are propting fresh developments in engine valve technology, covering important issues including valve mass, stiffness, cooling, materials and manufacturing.
5. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: BEI Super Late Model V8 - Lawrence Butcher looks into the methodologies and technologies behind Baker Engineering's very light, high-performance stock car V8 engines.
6. FOCUS: Alternative Energy - David Cooper examines the three main alternative energy powertrain technologies and explains some of the technical challenges and opportunities represented by each.
7. INSIGHT: Swindon BTCC Inline-4 - Alan Lis reports on the unbranded TOCA engines that Swindon Engines provides British Touring Car Championship teams at a fixed cost.
8. INSIGHT: NASCAR Spec Engine - Ian Bamsey investigates the phenomenon of the NASCAR-approved LS-2-based 358 CI Spec Engine as suppplied by Robert Yates Racing Engines.
9. MOTORCYCLE: Honda and the Vee - Neil Spalding explains why Honda has changed its vee-angle philosophy over the years.
10. SHOW REPORT: Autosport International 2013 - As Autosport International (Birmingham, England) lifted the curtain on the 2013 motorsport year, Ian Bamsey sought products and services of interest to powertrain professionals, including Caprocorn's NASCAR pistons, metal foam heat sinks, Arrow's new conrod profile, and lots more.


Issue 068 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: The new engine for Formula Three; Stability of regulations for the IndyCar series; A competitive-but-less expensive 595 HP engine for ARCA / CRA Late Model series; An affordable 240-HP alternative engine for Formula Atlantic, from HPD; and much more.
2. IN CONVERSATION: Scott Corriher - Ian Bamsey presents a revealing discussion with Scott Corrhier, the manager of the Engine Design, Development and Preparation shop that powered Brad Keselowski to the 2012 CUP championship.
3. DOSSIER: RYE Nationwide Ford FR-9 - Ian Bamsey finds out exactly how the RYE-Ford FR-9 engine has won two consecutive NASCAR Nationwide championship titles in its first two seasons of competition in that series (a detailed, in-depth look inside that engine).
4. ALTERNATIVE POWER: Yasa Motors - In the first of a new series of articles covering the aspects os alternative power, Lawrence Butcher looks at a radical design of electric motor.
5. FOCUS: CFD - Wayne Ward presents his usual in-depth investigation into the uses and benefits of contemporary Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, and describes how this capability is within the reach of an ever-expanding group of engine developers.
6. INSIGHT: EFI Comes to NASCAR - Ian Bamsey investigates the process and the effects of NASCAR's switch to electronically-controlled port fuel injection, as described by ECR Engines' R&D Guru, Dr. Andrew Randolph..
7. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: NCR-Ducati - Giuseppe Gasparini recently visited the historic Italian engine company NCR (Nepoti, Caracchi and Rizzi) to report on their new Ducati-based 1100NCR and 1200NCR motorcycle engines.
8. FOCUS: Exhausts - David Cooper presents a comprehensive article on the technologies underpinning the design and implementation of exhaust systems to enhance engine performance.
9. SHOW REPORT: PII and IMIS-2012 - Ian Bamsey presents an in-depth report on the results of his exhaustive research and miles of walking in search of powertrain items of interest (of which he found MANY).


Issue 067 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: the rejuvenation of the industry brought on by the new (for 2014) engine rules for Formula One and Le Mans Prototypes; The development of a new "cage" piston design by PMI / Wiseco, initially for 250 and 450 cc Motocross engines, progressing to CUP engines and onward; (ED: This looks to us like a step toward the development of steel racing pistons for engines outside the diesel world.); Crower's new bushed-roller tappet, replacing the fragile needles and tiny axle with a hydrodynamic bearing (ED: Following the path introduced by Iskenderian several years ago); Development of a highly-efficient steam engine; upgrading the Katech V4; HPD's new Midget Racing engine; and lots more.
2. IN CONVERSATION: Andy Cowell - Ian Bamsey presents a revealing discussion with Andy Cowell, the director of Mercedes' Formula One Powertrain engineering, covering the development and future of KERS .
3. DOSSIER: Audi Le Mans Hybrid System - Ian Bamsey achieves an exclusive, in-depth insight into Audi's 2012 hybrid system, which became the first such technology to conquer Le Mans. This article covers origins, system development, optimizing the R-18 for the hybrid system, details of the front drive unit, the flywheel, the cooling, the control system and the performance.
4. WINNERS: RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - Revealed: The category winners and the overall race engine of the year, as selected by an international jury of race engine professionals.
5. FOCUS: Piston Rings - David Cooper discusses the evolution and recent developments in piston ring technology, and gives a guide to choosing and using them. This article includes ring design, configurations, variations in top, second and oil control rings, coatings, manufacturing, and piston details.
6. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Jim Hughes / DART V8 Dragster - Lawrence Butcher reports on a US project to develop a naturally-aspirated drag-race V8 engine that can produce 1500 BHP.
7. REPORT: PMWE 2012 - Ian Bamsey walks the aisles of the Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne, DE. He reports on such interesting subjects as features of the crankshaft in the DeltaWing engine; carbon-fiber-reinforced piston pins; a camshaft belt-drive for Srint Car engines (to replace the ubiquitous gear-drive); a new maraging-300 steel; a brushless in-tank fuel pump for CUP; developments in Inconel exhaust systems; developments in direct-injection driver technology; G&W's new, 3/4-million-dollar digital sand-core printing machine, giving the capability for rapid production of prototype and monolithic cores, and more.
8. FOCUS: Turbos and Superchargers - Wayne Ward provides his usual excellent discussion of the various contemporary technologies for force-feeding air to engines, along with the issues that technology involves. The article covers the application of turbocharging to contemporary race engines including Le Mans and IndyCar engines, a look forward to the 2014 F1 engines, turbocompounding, turbo materials and construction, and direct-driven, supercharging systems.
9. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Robby-Moto Moto3 Engine - Giuseppe Gasparini recently visited Robby Moto Engineering to get an inside look at the challenge of developing its brand-new 250-cc four-stroke Moto3 engine and gearbox.


Issue 066 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: Details on the newly-announced GT3 racing version of the Bentley Continental Speed GT model; Details on the GT3 version of the McLaren MP4-12C twin-turbo; Effects of the consolidation of both MotoGP and World Superbike racing under the same organization (DORNA); Dyson Racing's announcement that it will implement Flybrid's hybrid system on its LM-P1 Lola-Mazda for the final two 2012 ALMS races; A fascinating glimpse into the potential for contemporary two-stroke technology at Le Mans; and lots more.
2. IN CONVERSATION: Rob White - Ian Bamsey discusses Renault's Formula One V8 and Renault's forthcoming turbocharged Formula One I4 with Rob White, the Renault engine technical chief.
3. DOSSIER: Mountune-OMSE Rallycross Ford Turbo - Ian Bamsey reveals the technology behind the 2.0-L Mountune-OMSE Ford, the engine-to-beat in motorsport's latest phenomenon: Rallycross. The discussion includes the evolution of the engine from its Duratec roots and includes development of the block, head, crank, rods, pistons, EMS, and other key components of this engine that produces 50+ bar of BMEP, nearly 540 bhp at 4500 and nearly 550 bhp from 5500 to 7500 rpm.
4. ALTERNATIVE POWER: Delft DUT12 - Lawrence Butcher reports on an impressive all-electric Formula-Student contender from the Delft University of Technology.
5. FOCUS: Advanced Metals - As metals still reign supreme in race engines, Wayne Ward provides a guide to certain key materialstheir technologies and their uses. Included are forgings, castings, powdered metallurgy, and additive manufacturing, with discussions of iron and seteel alloys, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, copper, superalloys, tungsten, and metal-matrix composites.
6. MOTORCYCLE: British Superbike - Neil Spalding reports on how the new technical rules are having a positive impact on the British Superbike championship.
7. INSIGHT: Bloodhound's Rocket - Ian Bamsey reports on his witnessing of a pivotal test of the most extreme motor in the history of race engine technology: rocket science in the quest of 1000 mph on land.
8. SHORT TAKES: Gomecsys - Ian Bamsey reports on some new crankshaft technology which Gomecsys is offering to Formula One engine designers, claiming to improve efficiency by dynamically varying the stroke, making it longer during compression and power strokes and shorter on intake and exhaust strokes.
9. REPORT: Le Mans and Petit Le Mans GT - Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit investigate the seven GT engines that contested Le Mans and/or Petit Le Mans in 2012, including Aston Martin, BMW, Corvette, Cosworth, Ferrari, Porsche and SRT/Roush.


Issue 065 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: The future of electric cars in Le Mans racing; Development of a carbon fiber crankshaft; Nissan's new 32-valve DOHC engine for Australian Supercars Competition; Outlook for private (non-factory) entries in LM-P1 racing; The merging of DP, ALMS and LM-P2 regulations; and lots more.
2. DOSSIER: Nissan's Return to Le Mans - Ian Bamsey presents an in-depth look at the history, design and development of the very successful Nissan VK-45 production-based LM-P2 engine, including information and data on the bottom end, recip components, head and combustion chamber, valvetrain, and performance.
3. RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - Nominations and descriptions of the nominees in the four categories: Global Motorsport, Grand Prix, North American, and Alternative Power.
4. FOCUS: Crankshafts - Wayne Ward presents a very interesting and informative discussion on the various areas of design and optimization in contemporary race engine crankshaft design and manufacturing, including discussions on friction, windage, inertia, stiffness, balance, vibration and materials.
5. MOTORCYCLE: Moto-GP - Car designers usually seek the lowest possible center of gravity; motorcycles are different. Neil Spalding explains why.
6. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Green GT H2 - A glimpse into the future, detailing the development of hydrogen fuel cell powered racing technology. (ED NOTE: Green is good when it actually results in more efficient, less polluting, econimically-viable technology. That is clearly not the case with current battery-car technology or corn-sourced ethanol technology, once you remove the misdirection and misinformation propagated by government and fanatic, but uninformed, supporters. We hope H2 fuel cell technology will prove to actually achieve increased energy efficiency, decreased total pollution, and lower total lifecycle costs.)
7. RACE REPORT: US 2012 Drag Nationals - Anne Proffit provides some engine development insights from five key runners at the 2012 US Nationals, incluiding Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle.
8. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Subaru GRC - Anne Proffit describes how one team is bidding for a championship bout in the new-rules Global RallyCross, with insights into the 550 HP, turbocharged, 2.0 liter flat four engine.
9. FOCUS: Powertrain Sensors - David Cooper provides an interesting and informative look at the state of the art in sensing devices for race applications, including the governing principles, construction, materials, design and use.


Issue 064 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: A discussion of the ongoing issue of parity between diesel and gasoline engines; Prototype engine designers enter a new era in which peak power is at minimum BSFC; and lots more.
2. INSIGHT: New Formula Three Engines - Alan Lis talks with a Formula-Three insider about the impact the new F3 engine regulations will have on engine developers, with some interesting details about the engines.
3. DOSSIER: RYE Ford V6 Twin Turbo - Ian Bamsey presents a detailed, inside look at how and why Roush-Yates Engines is replacing its multiple Daytona-24-Hour-winning Ford V8 with a V6 twin turbo, with lots of engine details, component pictures, and an interesting comparison between DP and LM-P2 engines.
4. RACE REPORT: The British Grand Prix - Ian Bamsey's annual mid-season Formula One powertrain review, with a detailed discussion of Renault's highs and lows.
5. FOCUS: Camshafts - Wayne Ward details the key factors to be kept in mind when designing or specifying a camshaft, including stress, stiffness, lubrication, materials and vibration.
6. FORMULA STUDENT: University of Bath Project - Team Bath Racing's powertrain manager Graham Iles explains the rationale and technology behind the U of B's choice of an Aprilia V2 engine.
7. RACE REPORT: Le Mans Prototypes - Ian Bamsey reviews the Prototype engines (Audi Sport, EDL, HPD, Nissan) that contested Le Mans in 2012, which was an historic event in more than one respect.
8. FOCUS: Transmissions - David Cooper examines the technologies behind some of the key transmission components (clutches, torque converters, sequential gearboxes, gears, housings, shafts and more): their design, materials, manufacture, and other factors.


Issue 063 Cover
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1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including: At LeMans, 2014, fuel flow metering will replace inlet air restrictors as its means of regulating engine power; Audi reveals details of its R18 LM-P1 powertrain, including a fascinating carbon-fiber transaxle case and details on the turbo-diesel V6 with the very clever twin-entry turbine housing on the variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbocharger; A look at the current state of the Chevrolet (Ilmor) and Honda 2.2-liter V6 IndyCar engines; and more.
2. CONVERSATION with Pete Spence - Alan Lis talks with TRD-USA's technical director Pete Spence, discussing several very interesting technical experiences during 20 years at the top levels of motorsport, including F1 engines, CART engines and the current (Phase 11) CUP engine.
3. DOSSIER: PUMA Parallel Twin - Ian Bamsey presents a detailed look at the fascinating engineering exercise at Puma Engineeering to produce a brand-new supercharged, nitromethane-fueled parallel twin.
4. MOTORCYCLE: MotoGP - Neil Spalding reports on the development of Claiming Rule Teams bikes in an effort to contain the rising cost of MotoGP engine development and maintenance.
5. FOCUS: Coatings - Wayne Ward provides a detailed look at the latest developments in coatings for improving engine and drivetrain efficiency.
6. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: The Optima Performance - Anne Proffit reports on hos Kinetic Motorsports prepared the KIA Optima for Pirelli World Challenge series racing. in a very short (6-month) timeframe.
7. INSIGHT: CUP Engine Technology at Bonneville - Ian Bamsey provides a fascinating report on how Automotive Specialists (Keith Dorton) are developing NASCAR Cup engine technology for the unique challenge of the Bonneville salt flats.
8. DOSSIER: KRE V8 Supercars Engines - Ian Bamsey investigates the reigning-champion engine in International V8 Supercars (Australia's headline racing series), with a detailed look inside the KRE (Ken McNamara, on the Cover) Holden (GM) 5-liter V8, which produces a remarkable BMEP in excess of 15.6 bar from 5700 to 7400 RPM.
9. FOCUS: Fuels - Wayne Ward presents a detailed look at the chemisttry of combustion (rapid oxidation), fuels and additives, and the role those elements play in the field of race engine efficiency.


Issue 062 Cover
(click for larger image)

1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles including an introduction to the new "delta-wing" aerodynamically-super-efficient race car architecture; a glimpse at the Ilmor-Chevy Indycar engine failure at Sonoma; a deeper insight into the regulatory controversy between Indycar engine manufacturers Immor-Chevy and Honda; insight into the reasons the EDL-Lotus Indycar engine is a bit behind the others; and more.
2. CONVERSATION with Trevor Knowles - Anne Proffit talks to IndyCar's Director of Engine Development about the first year of the new turbocharged 2.2 L engine formula and the challenges encountered developing the engines and regulating the three engine manufacturers.
3. DOSSIER: Aston Martin's Turbo-GDI-I6 - Ian Bamsey presents a detailed, in-depth look at the recent Aston Martin Prototype 2.0 Liter, Turbo, GDI Inline-6 engine, showing inner details, clever innovations, and the rationale behind the choice of an I6 layout.
4. INSIGHT: Deltawing at LeMans - Ian Bamsey, in his usual throuough and revealing style, takes a first look at the radical "Delta-Wing" chassis and the new propulsion system that could dramatically alter contemporary racecar design.
5. FOCUS: Bearings - David Cooper presents some insight into the characteristics of rolling element bearings, and how they compare with other bearing technologies.
6. INSIGHT: NASCAR CUP EFI - Ian Bamsey describes a fascinating technological overhaul that has catapaulted the fueling and ignition technology on CUP engines firmly into the 21st century, with details on the complete fuel system, ignition system, ECU, data acquisition (!) and early experience with the changeover.
7. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Moro Racing's Sherco Moto3 - Giuseppe Gasparini visited Moro Racing recently to discuss development of its Sherco-based Moto3 engine, presenting interesting details about the design and development.
8. FOCUS: Pushrods, Rockers & Lifters - Although pushrod valvetrains certainly have their drawbacks, nevertheless they thrive and perform at unbelievable levels in certain racing series. Wayny Ward presents an interesting summary of the various design issues to be conquered with this approach..
9. MUSINGS: AETC - Cecil Stevens describes several of the most thought-provoking presentations at the recent Advanced Engineering Technology Conference.
10. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: R2B2 Pro Mod V8 - Anne Proffit investigates a remarkable turbocharged alternative for the adventurous Pro Mod drag racing sector.


Issue 061 Cover
(click for larger image)

1.GRID - A collection of interesting short articles summarizing the new IndyCar engine parameters, F1 KERS insights, Bradshaw's uprated Nissan V6 turbo, and more.
2. CONVERSATION with John Darby - Anne Proffit talks to one of the main players behind NASCAR's project to bring EPI into CUP racing in 2012.
3. INSIGHT: Bloodhound's Cosworth Connection - A wide-eyed Ian Bamsey discovers what happens when a Formula One engine is installed into a 1000-mph jet / rocket car for an attempt at a supersonic land speed record.
4. FOCUS: Pistons - Wayne Ward presents his usual depth and insight in this article discussing the ongoing developments in piston technology, including materials, coatings, friction reduction innovations and manufacturing technology.
5. FORMULA STUDENT: OBR's Electric Racer Powertrain - Tom Driscoll describes how his Formula Student (the internation version of Formula SAE) team at Oxford Brookes University is developing a very interesting all-electric powertrain for this year's competition.
6. INSIGHT: Zytek Performance Hybrid System - Zytek's latest "hybrid" kinetic energy recovery system is very state-of-the-art. Ian Bamsey tells how it all works.
7. MOTORCYCLE: MotoGP 1000 cc - The new MotoGP 1000 cc formula was intended to restrict bore size, reduce rpm and contain costs. Is that working? Neil Spalding reports from the inside.
8. SHOW REPORT: Autosport Engineering International - As the 2011-2012 racing trade show season winds down, Ian Bamsey shares his findings and insights taken from four days of relentless investigating (PM metallurgy, pistons, induction, fasteners, etc. etc.) at the Birmingham (UK) Autosport Engineering show.
9. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Shaver's WOO V8 - Anne Proffit glimpses into the World of Outlaws to summarize the development of an apparently-fascinating new cylinder head developed by Ron Sperry, Rick Schaut and Ron Shaver for Tony Stewart's sprint car team.
10. FOCUS: Engine Control Units - As the 2011-2012 racing trade show season winds down, Ian Bamsey shares his findings and insights taken from four days of relentless investigLawrence Butcher reports recent developments in ECU technology and their impact on engine design and operation.


Issue 060 Cover
(click for larger image)

1. GRID - A collection of revealing short articles, including: An all-electric LeMans Prototype, proposed rules changes in Prototype racing, new Mountune Ford engine for Touring Car racing, and more.
2. CONVERSATION with Gilles Simon - Ian Bamsey talks tech with the former Ferrari Grand Prix engine designer about the new PURE-2014 F1 engine project.
3. DOSSIER: Goodwin Semi-Hemi - Ian Bamsey presents a detailed inside look at the interesting new 650-CI Truck Pulling engine from Goodwin Competition, which produces over 16.7 bar BMEP.
4. FOCUS: Heads and Blocks - Wayne Ward catches up on the latest developments in cylinder head and engine block materials and manufacturing technology.
5. INSIGHT: Lotus-Cosworth-Toyota V6 - Ian Bamsey investigates a most unusual mid-transverse race engine and its installation: the Cosworth-Toyota-engined Lotus Evora GTE.
6. MOTORCYCLE: Yamaha M-1 - As MotoGP moves to a new 1000 cc formula, Neil Spalding charts the development of the most successful engine of the 800 cc years.
7. SHOW REPORT: PRI and IMIS 2011 - Ian Bamsey walks the miles of aisles at PRI and IMIS in search of noteworthy powertrain products and services.
8. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: Sonny Leonard's 1005 CI V8 - Anne Proffit reports on Sonny Leonard's latest project, a 1005 cubic inch, 8000 RPM, 16-bar BMEP V8 behemoth nicknamed "The Godfather".
9. FOCUS: Machine Tools - Lawrence Butcher presents a fascinating look into the current technology in high-precision, multi-axis CNC machining equipment, including turning, milling, honing, porting, valve and seat cutting, EDM, ultrasonics, and more.


Issue 059 Cover
(click for larger image)

1. UPFRONT - Ian Bamsey discusses the potential effects of the new engine regulations in several series (NASCAR, Indy, F1, MotoGP, etc.).
2. GRID - A collection of revealing short articles, including: An interesting discussion of the NASCAR Cup switch to EFI, with emphasis on the FR-9 engine; New exhaust system ideas in "frozen" F1; New approaches to Energy Recovery Systems (ERS); A new ultrasonic fuel flow sensor; and more.
3. CONVERSATION with Larry Morgan - Anne Proffit talks to the owner of Morgan Racing about his role in the development of the new Ford Pro Stock engine and the technology it contains.
4. DOSSIER: First Time Winner
- Ian Bamsey presents a detailed inside look at the new Ford engine that heralded the new World Rally Car era by winning its inaugural event.
4. RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR: - The category winners and overall winner of the 2011 REOTY competition, selected by RET's international jury of race engine professionals.
5. FOCUS: Additive Manufacturing - John Stowe presents an interesting, in-depth discussion of old and new technologies in Additive Manufacturing (aka "Rapid Prototyping").
6. MUSINGS - Neil Spalding reports on his unique and revealing tour through the Mercedes AMG F1 engine plant, including discussions of KERS, the use of the exhaust stream to generate downforce, electric motors, and the future V6 engine.
7. FOCUS: Fasteners - Wayne Ward continues his series of insightful engineering articles with this revealing discussion of the technology and implementation of fasteners, one of THE most critical components of any engine.
8. RACE ENGINE DIGEST: In-House Outlaw - Alan Johnson's lead engine builder tells all about what went into designing and building his company's Hemi Outlaw Pro Mod engine.
10. REPORT: PMWE-2011 - Ian Bamsey reports on developments of interest to powertrain engineers, as observed at the Professional Motorsports World Expo in Cologne, including a pair of fascinating superstrength steel alloys, extremely lightweight noise-cancelling exhaust systems, new casting technologies from G&W, and more.


Issue 058 Cover
(click for larger image)

1. UPFRONT - Ian Bamsey discusses the upcoming deployment of Energy Recovery Systems technology into LeMans racing.
2. GRID - Various and evolving forms of KERS; Ultrasonic fuel flow sensors; Racecar cooler-heat-exchanger testing, and more.
3. CONVERSATION with Doug Yates - Ian Bamsey talks to Doug Yates, head of the organization powering Ford's NASCAR efforts, and expanding Ford's presence in other venues.
4. DOSSIER: ECR Nationwide and Truck Engines - Ian Bamsey presents an inside look at the technology and development behind ECR's pacesetting R07 engines for NASCAR's Nationwide and Truck Series.
5. FOCUS: Conrods - Wayne Ward provides a detailed look at the current and evolving technologies in connecting rod design, analysis and manufacturing.
6. MOTORCYCLE: Moto3 Crossover - Neil Spalding reports on some interesting deails of the new KTM-developed 4-stroke single-cylinder engine for Moto-3.
7. INSIGHT: Energy Recovery Systems - Paul Weighell discusses the evolution, development and furute of energy recovery systems with Max Mosley (president of FIA).
8. INSIGHT: Updates to the PUMA Nitro-I4 - Ian Bamsey seeks answers to the question of "How far can the development of a superchanged, nitro-fueled race engine go?", looking at the most powerful motorcycle engines in the world, by PUMA Engineering.
9. FOCUS: Heat Exchangers - Ian Bamsey considers the current technology behind the water, oil and charge-air coolers keeping today's race engines alive.
9. FOCUS: Heat Exchangers - Dave Britten reports on a remarkable twin-crankshaft 500cc, 4-stroke V8 developed in New Zealand by Chris Gordon.
10. REPORT: GT's Golden Age - Ian Bamsey and Anne Proffit reveal the hurdles and challenges to be overcome in fielding a competitive engine in the fiercely-contested world of GT endurance racing.

RET Issue 57 Cover LARGER IMAGE RET-057 COVER Issue 057 Cover

Issue 057 Cover

1. UPFRONT - Ian Bamsey considers new directions that race engine development might take in the future, including the Turbo-V6 engines coming in Indy and F1, as well as the evolution of electric car racing.
2. GRID - A fascinating preview of the new Indy Turbo-V6 engines from HPD (Honda), Chevrolet (Ilmor) and EDL (Lotus); A look at BMW's new dual purpose (WRC, WTCC) direct-injection turbo-I4; Renault's supercapacitor approach to energy recovery; HPD's move toward grassroots drag racing, and more.
3. CONVERSATION: Tim Richards - Anne Proffit talks to Tim Richards about his career and his recent return to motorsport in the Funny Car arena.
4. INSIGHT: BMW Motorsport - Ian Bamsey visits BMW Motorsports in Munich to discover the engineering legacy of its decade in Formula One.
5. INSIGHT: BMW in Formula One - Ian Bamsey investigates a decade of development in BMW's naturally-aspirated Formula One V10 and V8 engines.
6. 2011 RACE ENGINES OF THE YEAR - Synopses of the accomplishments of the nominees for REOY-2011 in four categories: Grand Prix, Global Motorsport, North American, and Alternative Power.
7. INSIGHT: GP Engine Development - Derek Taulbut highlights the key steps in Grand Prix engine development during the 20th century.
8. FOCUS: Surface Treatments - Wayne Ward presents an in-depth discussion of various contemporary mechanical and chemical processes used to improve the reliability of powertrain components.
9. RACE REPORT: British Grand Prix - Ian Bamsey surveys Formula One powertrain technology at Silverstone with the help of Ferrari chief engineer Luca Marmorini.
10. INSIGHT: Gasoline Direct Injection - With gasoline direct injection now making a major impact in competition engines, Ian Bamsey provides an in-depth look at the current GDI technology developed by Bosch, the pioneer in the field.
11. FOCUS: Coolant Pumps - Lawrence Butcher discusses the impact of coolant pump design on engine performance and reliability, including both mechanical and electrical designs, flow dynamics, simulation and materials.

RET Issue 56 Cover

Issue 056 Cover

1. UPFRONT - Ian Bamsey considers what has been learned about Formula One engine operation through the controversy at Silverstone over exhaust-blown diffusers, plus Mercedes' side of the issue.
2. GRID - What the 2014 F1 regulations are likely to mean for engine developers; The engine that took one motorcyclist past 300 MPH, and more.
3. DOSSIER: HPD Honda LM-P2 V6 Turbo - Ian Bamsey investigates the Honda HR28TT, the engine that won the first new-generation LM-P2 race.
4. FOCUS: Oil Pumps - Wayne Ward provides an interesting look at the design and engineering involved in the production of oil pumps, sumps and other components to cope with the ever-increasing output of race engines.
5. INSIGHT: Polimotor - John Stowe provides a fascinating look at the history of the Polimotor engine, and a look at the current state of the art in strong, lightweight composite castings, as well as an introduction to Matti Holtzberg, the driving force behind this technology.
6. RACE REPORT: Le Mans Prototypes - Ian Bamsey reviews the engines that contested Le Mans in 2011, which provided one of the most memorable 24 hour races in history.
7. MOTORCYCLE: Moto3 - Neil Spalding reports on some recent engine and ECU announcements aimed at the Moto3 series starting next year.
8. FOCUS: Lubricants - John Coxon presents an interesting look into the composition and performance of contemporary engine oils, (chemical structures, additives, viscosity index, etc.) and a guide to the selection criteria governing lubricant choices.
9. PS: Electramotive Nissan V6 - Ian Bamsey gives an interesting look at Electramotive's Nissan-based turbo engine, one of the few V6 engines used in prototype racing during the '80s.

RET Issue 55 Cover

Issue 055 Cover

1. GRID: - Very interesting short articles on the role of the V6 in Le Mans future, Exhaust Energy Recovery Systems (finally!), Le Mans hybrid challenges, Sonny Leonard's latest drag monster, and more.
2. CONVERSATION: Mario Illien - Anne Proffit discusses the return of the Ilmor Chevrolet V6 to Indy racing.
3. DOSSIER: Cornett Big-Bore Chev DLM Engine - Ian Bamsey investigates the latest developments in the rough-and-tumble world of Dirt Late Model racing and the related engine technology.
4. INSIGHT: F1 Engine Speed - Roger Bywater discusses the remarkable advances in F1 engine speed, from the 1967 DFV to the 2009 Toyota.
5. FOCUS: Non-Metallic Materials
- Wayne Ward provides a very interesting look at the state of the art in ceramics, polymers and polymer-matrix composites in race powertrain applications.
6. INSIGHT: Gnani 2-Stroke - Guiseppi Gasparini visits 2-stroke wizard Gabriele Gnani at his workshop in Italy's "Motor Valley", and gets a revealing look inside the remarkable 125cc Gnani powerplant.
7. EXPO: Stuttgart Engine Expo - Ian Bamsey reports on some remarkable new products and technologies presented at this year's Stuttgart show.
8. MOTORCYCLE: Moto3 - Neil Spalding finds Honda's new Moto3 machine is a pragmatic yet intriguiing evolution from some earlier models.
9. FOCUS: Liners - Wayne Ward presents a detailed discussion of the contemporary design and production of cylinder liners, and the coatings and preparation of cylinder bore surfaces.
10. FORMULA STUDENT: ALM at Warwick Racing - The university of Warwick gives an insight into the use of Additive Layer Manufacturing in its recent Formula Student powertrains.

RET Issue 54 Cover

Issue 054 Cover

1. GRID: - Very interesting articles on the current F1 powertrain and diffuser duct machinations; the Audi 3.7L V6 diesel LeMans engine; F1 engine performance in the wind tunnel; and more.
2. CONVERSATION: Anderson & Lines- Ian Bamsey talks to KB Racing duo Greg Anderson and Jason Line about the challenges of Pro Stock racing.
3. INSIGHT: Toyota F1 Engine - Ian Bamsey presents a fascinating look at the development of the Toyota F1 engine, the design of which was covered in unprece-dented detail in RET-049.
4. INSIGHT: Advanced Manufacturing - John Stowe presents a thought-provoking look into the future of custom-grown metallic structures
5. FOCUS: Valve Springs - Wayne Ward gives a very interesting discussion of the state of the art in coiled wire valvesprings, covering design, engineering, manufacturing and usage.
6. EXPO: Retro-Racing - Ian Bamsey investigates powertrain interest and activity at the UK show focused on the racing of cars from the rich history of motorsport.
7. INSIGHT: Esslinger-Ford Midget Engine - Anne Proffit discusses the development of EFI in Midget racing, and the application of EFI to the 2.6L SOHC Esslinger I4 engine.
8. FORMULA STUDENT: Clean-Sheet V-2 - Calum Douglas presents a very interesting discussion of the ambitious Formula-Student project at Oxford Brookes University to build a 600 cc 4-stroke V-twin powertrain.
9. MOTORCYCLE: Transmissions - Neil Spalding presents the details of Honda's latest race transmission and examines the implimentations of seamless shift systems.
10. FOCUS: Dynamometers - Wayne Ward gives a rundown of the types of dynos currently available, their capabilities, and the tests that can be conducted on each type. (For a related article on a sophisticated dyno system, click here.).
11. AETC-2011 - Jack Kane summarizes the highlights of the 2010 Advanced Engine Technology Conference, one of the very best AETC events ever.

RET Issue 53 Cover

Issue 053 Cover

1. GRID: - Aston Martin returns to the straight-six for LeMans; details of Ferrari's new F458; the final word on leaded bearings, and more.
2. DOSSIER: Vance & Hines NHRA Suzuki - Ian Bamsey discovers what happens when a Suzuki I4 accelerates its pistons at the rate of an F1 V8.
3. FOCUS: Alternative Energy - Wayne Ward provides a very interesting insight into the technologies lining up to see motor racing past the age of fossil fuels.
4. FORMULA STUDENT: University of Central Lancashire's Flat-Two - Ambitiously building its own engine, UCLAN has chosen a flat-twin configurtation. Team member Phil Manktelow explains why..
5. EXPO: Autosport International Engineering 2011 -Ian Bamsey reports from the January Autosport International show in Birmingham, featuring some very interesting technology advancements.
6. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Combustion Analysis - Dr. Robert Prucka (Clemson University) gives a very interesting and revealing introduction into the science behind the ability to determine exactly what is happening in the engine cylinders and ports every half-degree of crankshaft rotation, and how that translates into performance engine development..
7. FOCUS: Valves - Wayne Ward provides an excellent presentation of what is the state of the art in valve design, materials and manufacturing.
8. RACE REPORT: Daytone Prototypes at Daytona - Anne Proffit reports on the Daytone 24 hour race and the battle of the Daytone Prototype engines.

RET Issue 52 Cover

Issue 052 Cover

1. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including new 2011 LeMans rules and technology, NASCAR fuel pumps, Ed Pink's ne Gold Crown engine, Roush-Yates' Ford LeMans P2 engine, and more.
2. TECHNO-TOPIC: - The progress of ABB's "Torductor-S" torque sensor into a more affordable unit for motorsports.
3. CONVERSATION: Sonny Leonard - The "Mountain Motor Man" discusses his development of big-block engines with Anne Proffit.
4. DOSSIER: Lamborghini V12 GT1 - Ian Bamsey presents the very interesting details on how Bruer Technical Developments created a winning GT engine from Lamborghini's 48-year-old V12.
5. MOTORCYCLE: Moto3 Packaging - Neil Spalding tells how a 250cc 4-stroke single will replace the 125cc 2-stroke in 2012.
6. FOCUS: Exhaust Systems - Wayne Ward explains the crucial role played by exhaust systems in helping to maximize the performance of race engines.
7. MUSINGS: Ford and Mountune at LeMans - Ian Bamsey discusses Ford's re-entry into the Prototype spotlight and Mountune's Duratec-based LM-P1 and LM-P2 engines.
8. FOCUS: Computational Fluid Dynamics - Wayne Ward and Phil Virr present an in-depth discussion of the applications and capabilities of contemporary CFD packages in today's competition engines.
9. EXPO: Trade Shows - Ian Bamsey reports on the highlights of the December, 2010 IMIS (Indianapolis) and PRI (Orlando) shows.

RET Issue 51 Cover

Issue 051 Cover

1. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including: Toyota at LeMans, off-the-shelf Bosch direct injection, Honda F1 KERS, Anti-Lag from DSPS, and more.
2. CONVERSATION: Mose Knowland - Anne Proffit talks to one of Ford's most esteemed race engine engineers about his career and the current Pro Stock engine project.
3. DOSSIER: Reher-Morrison 854 Mountain Motor - Ian Bamsey presents the design and inner details of Reher-Morrison's 1700 HP Mountain Motor".
4. MOTORCYCLE: The QUB 500 -Neil Spalding recalls the heady days of the Professor Gordon Blair's Queen's University Belfast 500cc 2-stroke racer.
5. FOCUS: Superchargers and Turbochargers - Wayne Ward explains the pros and cons of forced induction and looks forward to its increasing adoption in motorsports.
6. EXPO: Professional Motorsport World Expo - Ian Bamsey reports on the highlights of the 2010 Cologne exposition, including details about a new valvespring material from PSI, piston and liner developments from Capricorn, a new coating from Ionbond, ring developments from Total Seal, and much more.
7. REPORT: Race Engine of the Year Winners - The global jury of experts decides on the winners in all five categories.
8. FOCUS: Piston Rings - John Coxon explains the various technologies currently used in the application and manufacturing of these surprisingly complex and extremely critical engine components.

RET Issue 50 Cover

Issue 050 Cover

SPECIAL EDITION CELEBRATING THE 50th ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE. (The cover is a brilliant, reflective metallic color which does not reproduce well in our scanner; It is very attractive, and much nicer than shown here.)

1. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including the future of Diesel engines in racing, ("Diesel's Demise?"), Alternative Fuels, Energy Recovery, a discussion with Ulrich Baretzky, Corvette in LM-GT2 form, 414.5 MPH Bonneville record, the current state of E15 and fuel injection in NASCAR, and more.
2. PROFESSOR GORDON P BLAIR: - A moving eulogy in memory of the sad passing of this friend, advisor, innovator, critic and esteemed associate on October 21, 2010.
3. CONVERSATION: Chris Smith - The Engine Program Manager of Elan Motorsport Technologies tells Anne Proffit how he is helping to keep the Ford Modular V8 alive in GT2 competition.
4. INSIGHT: Lubricating the JGR Toyota - Ian Bamsey finds out how Joe Gibbs Racing develops Toyota Cup engine components and meets the lubrication demands for them.
5. FOCUS: Advanced Metals - Wayne Ward examines the current state of the art and future prospects in metals technology for motorsports.
6. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: 50/50 - Ian Bamsey looks back on the content and evolution of Race Engine Technology over thew past 50 issues and predicts the journal's development over the next 50 issues. The article contains special sections on engines from NASCAR Cup, Indy Car, LMP, and F1.
7. MOTORCYCLE: Racing Ahead - Neil Spalding chronicles the changes in motorcycle racing over the past seven years and looks ahead to the next six years.
8. FOCUS: Fuel Pumps- John Coxon examines the various types of fuel pumps, the challenges they meet, and some glimpses of new technology for motorsports.
9. RACE REPORT: NHRA Top Fuel - Anne Proffit reports on what is new in the world of NHRA Top Fuel racing.

RET Issue 49 Cover

Issue 049 Cover

1. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including: The elimination of the 2-stroke engine in Grand Prix motorcycle racing; Engine Developments LTD's latest PM P2 V8, based on the BMW M3 E92 engine; The upcoming debut of fuel injection in NASCAR Cup; A new midget engine at nearly half the cost of current offerings; A new KERS alternative in F1, and more.
2. DOSSIER: The Toyota RVX-09 F1 Engine - Ian Bamsey presents an unprecedented in-depth look at the details inside the currently-homologated and highly competitive Toyota F1 engine. This level of access is both fascinating and highly informative, especially in an activity whose security would put any governmant agency to shame. This detailed article is a "MUST-READ"
3. RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - Descriptions of the candidates for the 2010 Race Engine of the Year awards in 4 different categories, selected by a panel of 50 notable engine engineers.
4. FOCUS: Crankshafts - Wayne Ward presents the results of discussions with leading crankshaft suppliers concerning current manufacturing methods, design trends and material technology.
5. EXPO: The 2010 Stuttgart Engine Expo - Ian Bamsey reports in-depth on many new and interesting technologies and products on display at this year's Stuttgart Expo. Just a few of the interesting subjects are: (a) Emerging hybrid-turbocharger technology in which a high speed electric motor-generator is mated to a turbocharger to provide a turbine generator and an electric supercharger; (b) Developments in powder-metallurgy providing a race piston stronger and lighter than a 2618-based part; (c) A high-speed electric motor "the size of a football" that can develop 160 hp; (d) A new heat-shield material that can be applied to the inside of a turbocharger turbine housing, thereby improving the retention of heat inside; (e) A new plastic-based material suitable for turbo compressor housings and oil pumps; and much more.
6. MOTORCYCLE: Reliability in Moto-GP - Neil Spalding examines whether winning in MotoGP nowadays is simply a question of reliability.
7. FOCUS: Heat Treatment - John Stowe reports on emerging trends in heat treatment technology and the industry surrounding that technology, including vacuum carburizing, vacuum nitriding and vacuum quenching..
8. RACE REPORT: Le Mans GT - Ian Bamsey reports on the GT engines that contested the 2010 Le Mans 24-hour race.

RET Issue 48 Cover

Issue 048 Cover

1. UPFRONT: Mario Illien on Future Technology: - Ian Bamsey talks to Mario Illien about his pioneering work in F1 during the V10 era, and the future of race technology.
2. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including: Peugeot engine failures at Le Mans; New Le Mans prototype rules; John Medlen's new position; and more.
3. DOSSIER: Flywheeling Freedom - Ian Bamsey provides an in-depth look at how flywheel-based storage ofrecovered kinetic energy has been pioneered in professional racing.
4. RACE REPORT: British Grand Prix - Despite the ongoing engine freeze, Ian Bamsey discovers some significant powertrain developments at the Santander BGP.
5. FOCUS: Need a Lift? - Wayne Ward presents an excellent discussion of options available for the design, materials and manufacturing methods for race camshafts.
6. INSIGHT: When Engine Meets Chassis -Le Mans-winning car designer Peter Elleray discusses the relationship between engine and chassis design, highlighting areas where their needs conflict.
7. FOCUS: Traction Engineering - John Coxon explains the key points in designing and building a motorsports transmission, from the gear tooth design to the choice of differential.
8. RACE REPORT: Le Mans Prototypes - Ian Bamsey presents a comprehensive rundown of the various engine strategies deployed by this year's Le Mans Prototype competitors.

RET Issue 47 Cover

Issue 047 Cover

1. UPFRONT: Moto-GP's Future: - Where next for the last bastion of super-high crankshaft speed? Is a great engine adventure doomed?
2. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including: NHRA changes in Top Fuel / Funny Car engine tuning; Cosworth joins USF1 creditors; Nissan new generation LM P2 engine tests; and more.; .
3. DOSSIER: Zytek V8 and KERS - Zytek currently has P1 and Ps versions of its LeMans V8. Next year P2 becomes P1; Ian Bamsey investigates the implications..
4. FOCUS: Coatings - Coatings technology has advanced hugely in recent years. Wayne Ward gives a guide to choosing the latest coatings materials..
5. INSIGHT: Ford Focus on LPG - John Coxon reports on how a new approach is allowing one motorsport team to get the best out of LPG fuel.
6. PROFILE: Yamaha V8 - Ian Bamsey reports on a Yamaha R1-based V8, which appears ready to take naturally-aspirated 2.0 liter performance to a new level.
7. PROFILE: Yamaha World Superbike I4 - The R1 has arguably the best WSB engine, yet Race Technoques and Cosworth are out to improve it. Ian Bamsey finds out how.
8. FOCUS: Fuel - Gasoline may still dominate as the motorsport fuel-of-choice, but as John Coxon explains, other fuels are now coming into play..
9. SHORT TAKE: Schwitzer Award - 2010 - Mezzo Technologies' new heat exchanger broght new cooling tech to Indy Car racing and the results were good enough to secure a Schwitzer award.
10. INSIGHT: World Challenge - A look at SCCA'a production car-based US road racing series and a discussion with key engine builders for that series.

RET Issue 46 Cover

Issue 046 Cover

1. UPFRONT: Back to the Future - F1 in 2013: - A very interesting article looking into both the past and future of 4-cylinder turbocharged F1 engines, likely to be mandated for the 2013 season, and likely to include a 100 kW KERS system, by Ian Bamsey.
2. GRID: - A series of short articles on subjects including contemporary F1 engine reliability, the emerging use of isobutanol-ethanol fuel blends, John Medlen's move to Schumacher Racing, the new Honda Super-GT car, Roush-Yates Engines short track engine program, and more.
3. TECHNO-TOPIC: Mechanized Greensand Casting - An interesting look inside the techniques, capabilities and issues involved in short-run greensand casting technology, by John Stowe.
4. DOSSIER: ECR 437 Dirt Track Engine - A wonderful article looking in detail at the technology, design and componentry inside ECR (Earnhardt Childress Racing) Engines' emerging 437 CID methanol engine for late model dirt track cars (the kind of article we live for!), by Ian Bamsey.
5. FOCUS: ECU's / EMS's - A very interesting article on the development, capabilities and componentry in modern motorsport digital engine control / engine management systems, by Wayne Ward.
6. CHALLENGE: LeMans 2010 - A fascinating look at the prospects and challenges of the final outing for the current LM-P1 5.5-liter turbodiesels, by Ian Bamsey.
7. MUSINGS: AETC-2009 - A quick look at the highlights of the 2009 Advanced Engine Technology Conference, held just prior to the 2009 PRI tradeshow.
8. MOTORCYCLE: Old is New - An interesting look at a replica of the 1962 Norton 30M, created by Patrick Walker's new Works Racing Motorcycles, by Neil Spalding.
9. FOCUS: Bearings - A detailed look into bearing technology as currently seen in high performance engines, including fluid film and rolling element bearings, materials, technology, and uses, by John Coxon.
10. FIRST SIGHTINGS: Motus V4 - A facinating look inside Fritz Kayl's new V4 engine, containing lots of new ideas and lots of the design philosophy embodied in GM's LS series, by Ian Bamsey.
11. INSIGHT: F1 Gearboxes - A very interesting presentation on the design and implementation strategies embodoed in today's F1 gearboxes, by Ian Bamsey.
12. Formula One - A look at the trends in F1 powertrain technology, with a discussion of opportunities for new suppliers, by Ian Bamsey.

RET Issue 45 Cover

Issue 045 Cover

1. GRID: - An interesting look at developments in hybrid racecar projects, including the adaptation of Williams Hybrid Power (WHP) technology into the Porsche LeMans GT platform; Current developments and info on the Pro Stock Ford "Hemi"; New Bosch ECU products; New stuff on the Suzuki Hayabusa 1400 cc race engine; NASCAR's John Darby on the migration of EFI into Cup; and more.
2. DOSSIER: Different Strokes - A fascinating look inside an amazing 125cc rotary-valve 2-stroke from Honda, which produces 50.1 BHP at 12,950 RPM, {an eye-raising 13.86 bar (201 PSI) BMEP, truly remarkable for a 2-stroke} , by Ian Bamsey. ( NOTE that the BMEP figures in the article are double the real numbers due to a slight miscalculation regarding 2-stroke engines; see BMEP).
3. INTERVIEW: Steve Eriksen - An in-depth conversation with the Honda Performance Development (HPD) technical director regarding the company's first major effort at LeMans, by Anne Proffit.
4. FOCUS: Fuel Injection - An interesting survey on various forms of fuel metering, with emphasis on the various incarnations of fuel injection, by John Coxon.
5. EXPO: Autosport International 2010 - A very interesting presentation on several new technologies and products on display at this year's AI tradeshow, by Ian Bamsey.
6. INSIGHT: Stewart Honda Midget - A very interesting look inside the development of Honda's 2.4 liter K-series DOHC inline-4 as a very competitive engine in NEMA Midget events, by Ian Bamsey.
7. PREVIEW: F1 in 2010 - An interesting look at the current technology and developments in this year's F1 arena in a world of frozen engine specs, the withdrawal of KERS, fuel consumption, and more, by Ian Bamsey.
8. FOCUS: Pushrod Valvetrains - An interesting analysis of the challenges and developments in the use of pushrod valvetrains (as mandated by NASCAR and a few other sanctions), including stiffness and vibration issues, by Wayne Ward.
9. DIRECTORY: NASCAR - A summary of the major players in the NASCAR race engine and gearbox field..

RET Issue 44 Cover

Issue 044 Cover

1. UPFRONT: Inside the Ice House - A talk with Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines' engineering chief Andy Cowell about the state of F1 engine development in this era of "frozen specs", by Ian Bamsey.
2. GRID: - A British Politico expounds on the need for motor-racing to become "green", "low-carbon", and otherwise adhere to popular politically-correct pronouncements of pundits. (Imagine the excitement generated by a cluster of 43 NASCAR Cup cars equipped with silent 860-HP electric motors and the batteries to support same. One cannot help but wonder how many tires it would take to hold such a behemoth off the pavement. And pit stops: now there's an interesting picture - a motorized crane in each pit box with ten guys scrambling around disconnecting battery wires and brackets.) ALSO other short subjects.
3. INSIGHT: Racing the Ford FR9 - A look inside the differences between the Windsor-based race engine and the new FR9 4.50-inch bore-center Cup engine which is being phased into Cup this year; also some major differences between it and its successful 4.38 bore-center Windsor predecessor, with a further insight into the future of fuel injection in Cup racing, by Ian Bamsey.
4. DOSSIER: Cup Tech Transfer - A very interesting and detailed look inside the Roush-Yates Engines program to transfer the outgoing Windsor technology into other forms of circle track racing, with success already in 360-ci alcohol sprinter engines, by Ian Bamsey.
5. FOCUS: Casting and Forging - An excellent exposition of contemporary casting and forging technologies, and related material science, by John Stowe.
6. FEEDBACK: Keeping the BDA Alive - Reader feedback on last issue's article on the remarkable Cosworth BDA engine, by Ian Bamsey.
7. INSIGHT: Keeping the DFV Alive - A very interesting look inside the trendsetting Cosworth DFV V8 engine, with details on contemporary suppliers of replacement and upgrade components, by John Coxon.
8. INSIGHT: F1 Fuels and Lubricants - A look into how much influence fuel and oil development can have on engine performance, with thoughts from experts at ExxonMobil and Mercedes Benz High Performance Engines, by Ian Bamsey.
9. EXPO: PRI-2009 - A round-up of highlights seen at the 2009 version of the world's largest annual racing trade show (PRI) in Orlando, Florida, by Ian Bamsey.
10. EXPO: IMIS-2009 - A report on the highlights of the inaugural International Motorsport Industry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, by Ian Bamsey.
11. FOCUS: Seals and Gaskets - An in-depth look at contemporary sealing technologies, including static and dynamic applications, by Wayne Ward.

RET Issue 43 Cover

Issue 043 Cover

1. GRID: Short articles on current subjects including: The return of the plastic engine; Bosch "ride-by-wire motorcycle control; Surprise products from Ford; Jaguar's return to ALMS; and more.
2. INSIGHT: Four into Two - An in-depth discussion with Filippo Preziosi about Ducati's V4 MotoGP engine, by Ian Bamsey.
3. REPORT: Winners - Race Engine of The Year - A brief presentation on this year's winners in the five categories: Grand Prix, Global Motorsport, North American, Alternative Power, and Overall, by Ian Bamsey.
4. DOSSIER: Spyker Audi GT2 V8 - A detailed look inside the 40-valve V8 from Spyker Squadron, by Ian Bamsey.
5. MOTORCYCLE: - A further discussion of the strategy and dynamics involved with the use of a "big-bang" engine on a MotoGP bike, by Neil Spalding.
6. FOCUS: Pistons - A look into the state of the art in piston manufacturing processes, technology, materials and coatings, by Wayne Ward.
7. Time of Change, 2009 - A quick look at the highlights of the Professional Motorsport World Expo, held in November in Cologne, by Ian Bamsey.
8. SHORT TAKE: A New Twist - John Stowe gives an update on the development of his dual-swirl head, which on a BDA mule, easily produces 120 BHP per liter, with lots of optimization left to do.
9. INSIGHT: The Cosworth BDA Today - A look into the before-its-time technology implemented in this forty+ year old 4-valve engine and how it lives on in today's competition, by John Coxon.
10. FOCUS: Induction Systems - A thought-provoking loook at induction system technology, rules-of-thumb, techniques, implementations and components, by John Coxon.

RET Issue 42 Cover

Issue 042 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on current subjects including: The remarkable return of Cosworth to F1, Richard Petty Motorsports (aka Gillett-Evernham Motorsports) switches to Ford power for 2010; The advent of fuel injection in NASCAR Cup; and more.
2. DOSSIER: Top Fuel Motorcycle I4 Engine - A revealing look into the world's most powerful motorcycle engines, produced by PUMA Engineering, by Ian Bamsey.
3. MUSINGS-KERS - An examination of whether the F1 teams have made a big mistake by agreeing to discard KERS in 2010, by Paul Weighell.
4. FOCUS: Heads and Blocks - A look at current technology in head and block architecture and production, by Wayne Ward.
5. INSIGHT: Mauro Forghieri in Moto-GP - A discussion about the return of legendary Ferrari engine designer to international racing in Moto-GP, by Ian Bamsey.
6. DOSSIER: Six Under Six? - A detailed look at the effort to develop a Nissan V6-engined turbocar into the five-second zone, by Ian Bamsey.
7. SHORT TAKES - Lessman Streamliner - A look at the Lucas Oil / Lessman Streamliner's attempt to reach 400 MPH at Bonneville on compresseg natural gas (CNG), by Ian Bamsey.
8. FOCUS: Machine Tools - A survey of contemporary machine tools used in the manufacture and building of race engines, by Jack Murtagh.
9. INSIGHT: Land Speed Record Steam Car - A look at the technology used to power the British Steam Car to a new land speed record, by Paul Weighell.
10. REPORT: ADRL Engines - A quick look at the engines developed under the technical freedom allowed in the American Drag Racing League, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 41 Cover

Issue 041 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on current subjects including: Progress in British engineering; Shaver's new WoO V8; MotoGP Engine Life, RET-Monitor; and more.
2. INSIGHT-KERS - A detailed discussion of KERS with BMW F1 gurus Dr. Mario Theissen and Markus Duesmann, by Ian Bamsey.
3. DOSSIER: Aston Martin LeMans V12's - A revealing look into the development of the Aston-Martin V12 from a GT winner to a direct injection LM Prototype engine, by Ian Bamsey.
4. INSIGHT: Direct Metal Laser Sintering - Pioneering work in DMLS for Red Bull Racing powertrain components, by Ian Bamsey.
5. FOCUS: Sensors and Data Acquisition - A look into the intriguing field of sensors and data acquisition in the world of engine development, by Jack Murtagh.
6. MOTORCYCLE: Cougar Red - Insight into a project to keep the 125cc 2-stroke alive as a green racing machine, by Neil Spalding.
7. Race Engine of the Year, 2009 - This year's candidates for REOTY in Grand Prix, Global Motorsport, North American and Alternative categories, by Ian Bamsey.
8. RACE SHOP: AVL-Schrick - A tour through this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and descriptions of some interesting capabilities, by Ian Bamsey.
9. FOCUS: Fasteners - A look at the basics and the current technology in threaded fasteners, by Wayne Ward.
10. RACE REPORT: LeMans GT - A look at the fortunes of all the GT engines at the 2009 LeMans 24-hour race.

RET Issue 40 Cover

Issue 040 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on current subjects including: Ford's Pro-Stock Assault; Formula Fonda Future Pistons, and more.
2. Techno-Topics - An introduction to the field of racing marine engines, by David Wood.
3. INTERVIEW: Norio Aoki - A revealing discussion with Toyota's Formula-1 Engine Department manager, by Ian Bamsey.
4. RACE REPORT: British Grand Prix - A discussion of the state-of-the-art in "frozen" F1 as observed at Silverstone, by Ian Bamsey.
5. MOTORCYCLES: Electric Power - A look at the first Time Trials for electric bikes, by Neil Spalding.
6. DOSSIER: Corvette LS7 Direct Injection - A detailed look at the development path and results of the direct injection system on the LeMans-GT-1 winning pushrod V8 engine, by Ian Bamsey.
7. EXPO: 2009 - A report on some of the interesting products shown at the Stuttgart 2009 engine expo, by Ian Bamsey.
8. FOCUS: Test Equipment - An interesting and detailed discussion of the metrology aspects of QC during engine build, considering contemporary measuring methodology, by Jack Murtagh.
9. RACE REPORT: LeMans 2009 - A look at the state of prototype engine technology at this year's 24-hour main event, by Ian Bamsey.
10. FOCUS: Conrods - A look into the latest developments in racing conrods, by Wayne Ward.

RET Issue 39 Cover

Issue 039 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles including: Three F1 wins on the same engine (no rebuilds); Tthe Corvette Direct Injection engine; Another Engine Builder Showdown win for PME; The Porsche boxer, and more.
2. Techno-Topics - Thought-provoking article on the complexity of oil, cooling, fuel, air and electrical systems required to properly support a race engine in-vehicle, by David Wood.
3. INTERVIEW: Roger Griffiths - Revealing discussion on the future of IRL engines with Honda Performance Development's lead Indy engineer, by Anne Proffit.
4. DOSSIER: ECR's R07 Plate Engine - In-depth investigation into how one Cup team (ECR) maximizes the performance of their restrictor-plate V8 engines, by Ian Bamsey.
5. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENTS: 0.6mm Top Rings - The advantages and issues involved with an ever-diminishing top ring thickness, by Ian Bamsey.
6. RACESHOP: Oreca - Inside the Oreca Magny Cours engine shop and their big projects, by Ian Bamsey.
7. INSIGHT: IES Engineering Nissan V8 - The first of the uncompromised stock-block LM-P2 engines, a Nissan V8 developed by IES Engineering.
8. FOCUS: Lubricants - The properties of and requirements for a proper race engine oil, by Jack Murtagh.
9. MOTORCYCLES: BMW R 1000SS - The surprising similarities between the cylinder head design on two Superbike competitors, by Neil Spalding.
10. FOCUS: Surface Treatments - The technology of current and evolving surface treatment technologies, by John Stowe.
11. INSIGHT: Anti-contamination - Forensic examination of engines to identify failures due to contamination and measures to prevent such contamination, by Ian Bamsey.
12. FOCUS: Cooling Systems - The requirements and implimentations of key components in the cooling system, by Tom Sharp.

RET Issue 38 Cover

Issue 038 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on Hybrids, KERS, Aston-Martin's direct injection V12, Selective Laser Sintering, Downsizing the Fuel Motor, and more.
2. INSIGHT: RET Monitor - A report on the launch of the new, FREE online technical journal from Race Engine Technology, by Ian Bamsey.
3. DOSSIER: Truck Power - Detailed report on the internal differences between the NASCAR Truck Series GM race engine (SB2) and the R-07-based engine used in CUP, as well as a look into how the independent engine biuilder PME Engines became 2008 Builder of the Year, by Ian Bamsey.
4. THE CHALLENGE of Le Mans - Discussion of what the 2009 Le Mans 24-hour race will reveal about the state of prototype engine technology, by Ian Bamsey.
5. FOCUS: Pumps - Discussion of the latest technology in oil pumps, fuel pumps and coolant pumps for race engines, by Ian Bamsey.
6. MOTORCYCLE: Saving Costs - How the motorcycle grand prix racing world is trying to reduce the cost of racing, by Neil Spalding.
7. SPECIAL FEATURE: Progressive Valve Spring Design - The fourth installment of a four-part series on the operation, challenges, design, analysis and evaluation of wire valve springs (straight, tapered, round-wire, ovate wire, FEA techniques, and more), by Professor Gordon Blair, Dr. Charles McCartan, and W.M. Cahoon.
8. INSIGHT: Emissions Testing - An investigation of a world-first in which the British Touring Car Championship series began testing the CO2 output of the participating race cars, by Tom Sharp.

    {The sort of nonsense described in this well-written article serves to illustrate the absurdity which results from the blending of political correctness with pseudo-science. Here we have the scientifically-insane pursuit of reduced atmospheric levels of a gas which is essential to life on this planet. REAL science clearly demonstrates that level has no verifiable correlation with "global warming" ( anthropogenic or otherwise). This essential gas was declared a "pollutant" by the Inconvenient Falsehoods of an ignorant, manipulative politician and his brain-dead acolytes. In fact, the current concentration of atmospheric CO2 (approximately 380 ppm) is LESS THAN 1/20 of 1%, which is well BELOW the optimal level (1500 ppm) for green plants, and only slightly above the suffocation level of green plants. Imagine the buffoonery to which we will be subjected when the lunatic-left discovers that the major and preeminent component of "greenhouse gas" is
.............. water vapor.      JK}

9. FOCUS: Valve Springs - Basics of valve spring design and implimentation, by Tom Sharp.
10. INSIGHT: RF85 - Detailed report on the chemistry, characteristics and effects of a new friction-reducing surface treatment, by John Stowe.

RET Issue 37 Cover

Issue 037 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on: The need for technological development in F1; The Top Alcohol Dragster class in NHRA; DLC-coated tappets; Real time torque sensor; and more.
2. CONVERSATION with John Force - A discussion of the background and ongoing development of the Ford BOSS-500 funny-car engine, by Ian Bamsey.
3. DOSSIER: Ford FR9 Cup Engine - Detailed 10-page look at the new FR9 V8 Cup engine, framed against the backdrop of Ford's previous NASCAR Cup engines, by Ian Bamsey.
4. MOTORCYCLE: KERS Up Front - The 125cc Grand Prix KTM beats F1 to the track with a KERS system, by Neil Spalding.
5. EXPO: Autosport International Show - Highlights of new offerings shown at the January 2009 trade show in Birmingham, including a 4.5" 3-disc carbonfiber clutch, a mystery diesel piston with shaker gallery made in one piece, advances in rapid prototyping, and more, by Ian Bamsey.
6. FOCUS: Circlips - A detailed investigation into the state of the art in piston pin retention, by Ian Bamsey.
7. SURVEY: Dynamometers - A discussion of dyna-mometer technology and a survey of what is available in today's marketplace, by Ian Bamsey.
8. FOCUS: Valves - A detailed look into the state of the art in current poppet valve technology, by Tom Sharp.
9. REPORT: AETC Highlights - A summary of each presentation at the 19th Advanced Engineering Technology Conference, the theme of which was the GM LSx platform, by Jack Kane.
10. SPECIAL FEATURE: Tapered Valve Spring Design - The third installation of a four-part series on the operation, challenges, design, analysis and evaluation of wire valve springs (straight, tapered, round-wire, ovate wire, FEA techniques, and more), by Professor Gordon Blair, Dr. Charles McCartan, and W.M. Cahoon.
11: DOSSIER: Doubled Up - A detailed look inside the Powertec Engineering's V8 engine, based on a v-block using Suzuki Hayabusa I4 components, by Tom Sharp.

RET Issue 36 Cover

Issue 036 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on subjects including: The new Ford NASCAR Cup V8; Changes in F1, Prototypes, Sprint Cars, and more.
2. PREVIEW: The RET Monitor - The launch of a FREE, targeted, on-line information service from RET, which can provide detailed, current, mission-critical information. .
3. DOSSIER: Walkinshaw Racing V8 - A detailed look at the innards of the GM / Holden-based contender in the biggest form of racing in Australia: V8-Supercars, by Ian Bamsey.
4. FOCUS: Piston Pins - An in-depth, detailed look at the vital functions, demands and current technology in racing engine piston pins (British: gudgeon pins), by Ian Bamsey.
5. EXPO: PMWE and PRI - A look at what the two major 2008 motorsport industry trade shows had to offer for the coming racing season, by Ian Bamsey.
6. SPECIAL FEATURE: Uncoiling Mysteries - The second installation of a four-part series on the operation, challenges, design, analysis and evaluation of wire valve springs (straight, tapered, round-wire, ovate wire, FEA techniques, and more), by Professor Gordon Blair, Dr. Charles McCartan, and W.M. Cahoon.
7. MOTORCYCLE: BMW - A sneak-preview into the anticipated arrival of BMW into World Superbike racing, by Neil Spalding.
8. FOCUS: Exhaust Systems - An in-depth look at contemporary exhaust system technology and how it plays an important role in race engine performance, by Jack Kane.
9. DOSSIER: EDL K-2000 - An interesting look at how Engine Developments Ltd. tackled the challenge of building a competitive, production-based Super-2000 Inline-4 engine, by Tom Sharp.

RET Issue 35 Cover

Issue 035 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on subjects including: The increasing impact of KERS in racing; Gale Banks' extreme diesel dragster, and more.
2. PROFILE: The MCT V12 - A detailed look inside the V12 race engine at the heart of a 1000 MPH land speed record attampt, by Ian Bamsey.
3. REPORT: Race Engine of the Year - The contenders, (categories: Global Motorsport, Grand Prix, North Americal and Alternative Power) and the clear winner, by Ian Bamsey.
4. INSIGHT: Rapid Prototyping - How RP specialist CRP Technology applies RP art to the improvement of two-stroke valve and port development.
5. FOCUS: Piston Rings - An in-depth, detailed look at the functions, demands and current technology in racing engine piston, by Ian Bamsey.
6. MUSINGS: More from Tokat - Deeper insight into the 2008 LM-P1 4-liter, twin turbo YGK V8, architected by Professor Yoshimasa Hayashi, by Ian Bamsey.
7. REPORT: KERS Seminar - Panelists and important discussions which occurred at the KERS Seminar at the Cologne-08 Professional Motorsport World Expo.
8. OFFBEAT: Friction Rules - A fascinating look at the engine and transmission innovations in the multi-blown-alcohol-engined Tractor Pulling competitions, by Wayne Scraba.
9. MOTORCYCLE: Yamaha's Resurgence - How Yamaha came from the doldrums in 2007 to win all three Moto-GP titles in 2008, with details of their pneumatic valve return system, by Neil Spalding.
10. SPECIAL FEATURE: Uncoiling Mysteries - The first installation of a four-part series on the operation, challenges, design, analysis and evaluation of wire valve springs (straight, tapered, round-wire, ovate wire, FEA techniques, and more), by Professor Gordon Blair, Dr. Charles McCartan, and W.M. Cahoon.
11. REPORT: MotoGP - A survey of the 800cc, 230+ HP engine technology of leading 2008 MotoGP competitors, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 34 Cover

Issue 034 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles including: KERS in Prototype racing; The new Suzuki Pro Stock engine; Zytek's KERS system, and more.
2. INTERVIEW: Dr. Mario Theissen - BMW's F1 Leader on powertrain developments under the "freeze" and the 2009 arrival of KERS in F1, by Ian Bamsey.
3. TURBODIESEL TECH: The Future - Higher-pressure common rail injection and steel pistons pushes the output of the LeMans turbodiesels, by Ian Bamsey.
4. TURBODIESEL TECH: Bosch Injection - The development of high-pressure common rail direct injection systems, by Ian Bamsey.
5. TURBODIESEL TECH: Steel Pistons - Mahle's steel pistons for Le Mans turbodiesels, and the resulting step-jump in performance, by Ian Bamsey.
6. FOCUS: Advanced Metals - A detailed presentation on some of the latest metals and metallurgy in race engine develpoment, by Jack Kane.
7. MUSINGS: Shedding Light - The pros and cons of a fuel limit for F1 racing, by Ian Bamsey.
8. INSIGHT: Porsche Direct Injection - Unprecedented details on the Porsche pioneering effort in direct fuel injection for their over-10,000 rpm V8, by Ian Bamsey.
9. Triumph 675 - The return of Triumph to British Supersport (2008 championship), by Neil Spalding.
10. INSIGHT: Turbochargers - Turbo technology state of the art: metallurgy, compressor performance, variable geometry turbines, and more, by Jack Kane.
11. Green Power- AER's use of E85 fuel in Prototype racing, benefits and problems, by Jack Murtagh.
12. Experience Counts - EDL's newest Le Mans engine, the Judd P2 DB V8, by Tom Sharp.
13. The Power of Ten - State of the art in GT race engine technology, as revealed at Le Mans and Petit Le Mans, by Tom Sharp.and Anne Profitt.

RET Issue 33 Cover

Issue 033 Cover

1. GRID - Short articles on subjects including: The development of Ford's most powerful racing engine ever; Shuffling in Le Mans engine rules, and more.
2. Cosworth's Radical Cylinder Head - A detailed look at the design aspects of the head for the Cosworth "CK" 3-liter F1 engine, by David Wood.
3. Living in the Ice Age - An in-depth discussion of "frozen" F1 engines with Rob White, Renault's F1 engine chief, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Best of the Best - A discussion of Race Engine of the Year Nominees.
5. Speed with Stamina - A detailed look inside Porsche's Le Mans-winning LM-P2 V8, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Going with the Flow - A presentation of the new technology embodoed in Porsche's Prototype and GT race car gearboxes, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Honing the 911 - Latest improvements in Porsche's 10-year-old GT-3 race engine, by Ian Bamsey.
8. Grand Prix Hope - What might be on the horizon for the new (2011) set of F1 engine rules; FIA gyrations.
9. Coping with Torture - Race engine crankshafts: current materials, processes, design, technology and challenges in today's crankshafts, by Jack Kane.
10. Rising Son - A look inside the new YR40T 4.0 liter V8 Le Mans P1 engine from YGK, by Ian Bamsey
11. Frantic Flyweight Flight - The current state of 125cc Grand Prix engine technology, by Neil Spalding
12. Mystic Management - A look inside Engine Management Systems and their latest software innovations, by John Stowe.

RET Issue 32 Cover

Issue 032 Cover

1. GRID - A series of interesting short articles including: Ford's response to the new TRD and GM Midget race engines; Porsche's DFI winner; Peugeot Diesel details; Aston Martin's LM P1 V12 engine.
2. Powder Solutions - A brief discussion of the latest powdered metal technology, by David Wood.
3. Ever More Subtle - A detailed report on the British Grand Prix (Silverstone) with inside observations on current F1 engine performance, by Ian Bamsey.
4. In The Round - A detailed discussion of the state of Prototype technology as revealed at the 2008 Le Mans 24-hour race, including AER, Aston Martin, Audi, EDL, Peugeot, Porsche, YGK and Zytek, by Ian Bamsey.
5. Slippery Cases - A detailed discussion of the latest in coatings (electrodeposited plasma sprayed, PVD and PACVD) and their uses, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Science Fact - A discussion of nanotechnology and its potential impact on motorsports: structural composites, energy storage, conductive and super-strength adhesives, and lubrication, by John Stowe.
7. Conquering the World - A look inside a factory-supported Mazda Touring Car race engine, by Anne Proffit.
8. Oil Control - A look at the seemingly-forgotten technology of wet sump oil systems for stock-block based pushrod V8's, by Wayne Scraba.
9. Manufacturer Wars - A survey of NHRA Pro Stock in 2008, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 031 Cover

Issue 031 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: Pankl's acquisition of Carillo; The Apollo Hybrid; Chevy's new design Race Engine.
2. Friction Is The Enemy - A discussion of the sources of friction losses and efforts to reduce those losses, by David Wood.
3. Inside the Silver Arrows - A detailed article describing the Mercedes Benz Formula One Engine Facility: Overview, technology center, design tools, engine components, ramifications of the "Frozen V8" in F1, developments in KERS, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Tackling a Mountain - A discussion of the components and technology making up the 864 CID (and up) "Mountain Motors": Block, crank, rods, pistons, oil system, cylinder heads, cam, valvetrain, and induction, by Wayne Scraba.
5. Adding Value - A detailed discussion of the latest in coatings (including electrodeposited plasma sprayed, PVD and PACVD) and their uses, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Recovery Position - Long and short term options for kinetic and heat recovery systems in Formula One, Le Mans, and other venues, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Super Suzuki - An investigation into the Suzuki GSX-R, the most competitive engine in US Superbike racing, and the Jordan team, by Anne Proffit.
8. Road / Race Crossover - A discussion of various technical subjects from the 2008 Engine Expo, where road car engineers meet racing counterparts: KERS, hybrids, liners, block prep, micropolishind and more, by Ian Bamsey.
9. Digging the Dirt - An overview of World of Outlaws (WoO) sprinter engines and the shops that make them tick, by Ian Bamsey.

RET Issue 030 Cover

Issue 030 Cover

1. Cheating in NASCAR? - The potential imple-mentations for the forbidden "traction control", by David Wood.
2. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: Developments in KERS; Dyno results of Cup engines at Daytona; NHRA controversy over allowed nitro %; Ducati in AMA Superbike.
3. The Winning Edge - A discussion of combustion analysis and the development of Cup engines, with Dr. Andy Randolph, former GM / RYR / Hendrick / BDR and now ECR combustion wizard, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Taking Stock - A discussion of the new stock-block-based LMP engines and their impact on Le Mans racing.
5. Two Squared - Analysis of the 2008 Superbike engine rules and their impact on other series, by Neil Spalding.
6. The Car and The Computer - The latest engine management technologies, with a brief history of ECM evolution, by John Stowe.
7. Lighting It Up - Latest spark plug and fuel injector technology for contemporary race engines, by Ian Bamsey.
8. The Hitchhiker - Development of the Pro Stock Dodge Hemi V8 at Johnson & Johnson Racing, by Anne Proffit.
9. Planetary Motion - The development of the Mazda Rotary into the 1991 Le Mans winner, by Ian Bamsey.
10. Spinning Wheels - The use of rolling element bearings in the racing powertrain, by Ian Bamsey.
11. Out of Round - The technology of contemporary fluid film bearings, by Jack Kane and Ian Bamsey.

RET Issue 029 Cover

Issue 029 Cover

1. The Grand Prix Car, 2008 - Descriptions of the overall package, engine, clutch, gearbox, final drive, water, oil, fuel and electrical systems, by Ian Bamsey.
2. Screamer - The new 49-CID, 240 HP Kawasaki even-fire "screamer" engine in Moto-GP racing, by Neil Spalding.
3. The Definitive V8's - An in-depth comparison of the performance of the 20,000 RPM F1 V8 to that of the NASCAR Cup 10,000 RPM V8, by Jack Kane.
4. The Ultimate Ford - INSIDE the new Ford 500-CID Hemi-head 6000+ HP Funny-Car engine from John Force Racing, by Ian Bamsey.
5. Uplifting - A study of current technology in pushrod valve systems, including Cup, LeMans and Drag engine practices, by Ian Bamsey and Wayne Scraba.
6. 2008 Engineering - A discussion of new technology presented at the 2008 Autosport Engineering exhibition in Birmingham, UK, including advances in Low Pressure Carburizing, Plasma Nitriding, Cryogenics, Electronic Systems, KERS, and gearboxes, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Toyota CUP V8 - Inside the NASCAR-Cup Toyota V8 engines built by Bill Davis Racing: Architecture, piston & crank assembly, valvetrain, ignition and fuel systems and ancillaries, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 028 Cover

Issue 028 Cover

1. Cologne Interrogation - A Q&A session with Ulrich Baretzky, designer of the Le Mans winning 2006 Race Engine if the Year Audi diesel engine, by Ian Bamsey.
2. Conquering the Bullrings - The inside story on Ron Shaver's 860 bhp WOO engines: engine design, components, development, methanol fuel consid-erations, by Ian Bamsey.
3. The Frozen Depths - Description, metallurgical implications, processing and current usage of cryogenic treatment of metal parts, by John Stowe.
4. Burning Issue - Details of the new Ducati engine for MotoGP: direct injection, mapping strategy, traction control, by Neil Spalding.
5. More Forged Notes - An in-depth article on state of the art in piston technology for race engines: MotoGP, Turbodiesel, NASCAR Cup, Formula-1, Sprinters, Pro Stock, Funny Car, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Power of Ten - A discussion of new technologies and topics which emerged at the three big international trade shows: coatings, KERS, rings, piston pins, various rocker-arm valvetrain trends, valves, headers, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Grand Success - The story of the architecture and developoment of the Cronin Racing Development Pontiac V8 for Grand-Am Daytona Prototype racing, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 027 Cover

Issue 027 Cover

1. Daytona Gold Rush - Insights into the engines which will power the 2008 Cup cars, with a table of dyno results for various leading cars at Talladega in October, 2007, by Ian Bamsey.
2. Mini-Articles - Various short articles including the return of Sodemo to LMP2, the New Ford BOSS Funny Car engine, Friction, and 90% Nitro Fuel, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Improving the Small Block - Inside Hendrick Motorsports and the new R07 Chevrolet engine for NASCAR Cup: architecture, components, performance, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Back to Basics - A reffresher on engine basics with relationships between MEP and airflow, specific valve time-area, apertures and ducts, and some empirical design methods, by Professor Gordon Blair.
5. Fuel Games - What is inside the MotoGP airboxes that makes such a difference, by Neil Spalding.
6. Oval Icons - Inside Richard Childress Racing: key people, suppliers, and components, by Anne Proffit
7. Breathing Space - Current state of the art in race engine valve technology from key manufacturers, by Glen Smale.

RET Issue 026 Cover

Issue 026 Cover

1. Life at 19 - A discussion of recent Formula One engine developments with Rob White, the head of Renault's 2.4 liter V8 program, by Ian Bamsey.
2. Business as Usual - The revised Porsche 911 which recaptured the Le Mans 2007 GT2 win after a surprise defeat in 2006: engine details, engine performance, car features, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Recycling Power - A study of the issues surrounding the introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) into Formula One in 2009, with Alex Kitzinger, Adrian Moore, John Hilton, by Ian Bamsey.
4. The Ultimate Finish
- The science and practices behind Isotropic Superfinishing (ISF): friction, surface finishes, ISF methodology, results, by John Stowe.
5. Garage Warriors - Technology, practices, sup-pliers, strategies behind Ron Bergenholtz's 1450-hp NHRA Mazda, by Anne Proffit.
6. Modern Architecture - A discussion of the state of the art in replacement cylinder head and block technology, including AFR, Brodix, Dart, Donovan, Edelbrock, MBE, Keith Black, LSM , World and Wegner, by Anne Proffit.
7. Sleeves of Power - A discussion of the state of the art in cylinder liner technology: materials, finishes, coatings, with Capricorn, Darton, LA Sleeve, by Glen Smale.

RET Issue 025 Cover

Issue 025 Cover

1. Renault V10 Firing Order - Power improvements from optimized firing orders, by David Wood.
2. Life in the Freezer - A discussion with Dr. Mario Theissen, director of BMW Motorsport, regarding his work with contemporary Formula One engines, by Ian Bamsey.
3. V12 Power Prevails - A look inside the Aston Martin V12 which powered the DBR9 to a Le Mans GT win over Corvette: block, heads, rings / liners, timing drive, engine management, performance, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Float Like a Butterfly - The technology behind designed-in valve float in NASCAR Cup engines, by Stephen Jones.
5. Proof of the Pudding - A discussion of the technology and development of the Dual Swirl engine head, with performance comparisons, by John Stowe.
6. Two into Four - A discussion of the evolution of the 250cc Grand Prix motorcycle engines, by Neil Spalding.
7. Roaring to Success - Critical components and suppliers used by John Force Racing, by Anne Proffit.
8. Pipes of Power - State of the art in race engine exhaust system technology: design, materials, suppliers, by Glen Smale.
9. Making Conections - The current technology in race engine fasteners: materials, strength levels, manufacturing processes, with ARP, A1, Blanc Aero, Clarendon and others, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 024 Cover

Issue 024 Cover

1. The Class of 2007 - The state of Grand Prix art and science in the face of the spec tire, the 19,000 RPM rev limit, and frozen engine specifications, by Ian Bamsey.
2. Eight out of Four - Engine technology at Le Mans 2007: Peugeot vs Audi diesels, EDL, AER, Zytek, Mader, Aston Martin, Saleen, Ferrari, and others, by Ian Bamsey..
3. Positive Action - A study of Ducati's continuing use of desmodromic valve actuation, by Neil Spalding.
4. Screamin' to Victory - Engine technology behind Vance & Hines NHRA-winning Screamin' Eagle Harley-Davidson V-Rod, by Anne Proffit.
5. Uplifting - A study of current technology in pushrod valve systems, including Cup, LeMans and Drag engine practices, by Ian Bamsey and Wayne Scraba.
6. The Pioneer - An in-depth look inside the most significant race engine of recent times: The Audi R10 Diesel, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Making the Connection - Current race engine connecting rod technology: design, materials, heat treatments, coatings, with Arrow, Carillo, Crower, Falicon, and others, by Glen Smale.

RET Issue 023 Cover

Issue 023 Cover

1. Milk and Alcohol - The impact which the conversion from Methanol to Ethanol fuel had on Indy Car racing, by Anne Proffit.
2. Steel Coils versus Gas - A detailed discussion of the valvetrain design for MotoGP engines, with an in-depth presentation on the comparative advantages of gas springs and steel springs, by Professor Gordon Blair.
3. The Heart of the Matter - A discussion of real time combustion analysis and closed-loop combustion control and their increasing importance in race engine development, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Electric Avenue - A discussion of electrical re-generative systems, the mechanisms, and their potential application to the 2009 hybrid Formula One engines, by John Coxon.
5. The Power of Ten - A look inside the very competitive Judd / EDL GV-5.5 liter V10 Le Mans engine: evolution, development, components, performance, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Slip to Win - The role of the "slipper clutch" in contemporary MotoGP, by Neil Spalding.
7. Fine Finish - The state of the art in component surface preparation and coatings, with Extremeion, Balzers, Bekaert, ESK, IonBond, REM and others, by Glen Smale.

RET Issue 022 Cover

Issue 022 Cover

1. The Small Block Reinvented - A preview look into some of the features of the new Chevrolet R07 engine for NASCAR, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Future Days - How Formula One is moving slowly but surely toward a revival of engine development, with "green" implications, by Ian Bamsey.
4. How Panoz Dethroned the King - The 5.0 liter V8 powerplant behind the Panoz 2006 Le Mans GT2 victory over Porsche: engine configuration, layout, loading, performance, components, by Ian Bamsey.
5. Full Moon on the Highway - A discussion of the Peugeot vs. Audi diesel competition at Le Mans, and the equivalency regulations to "equalize diesels and gasoline burners, by Ian Bamsey.
6. The Ultimate Two-Stroke? - The features and performance of the new Aprilia 250cc two-stroke for MotoGP, by Neil Spalding.
7. Torque Sense - Advanced torque sensors and the implementation of a real-time on-track dyno, by Ian Bamsey.
8. Fluid Flow - Current technology in oil, fuel and water pumps and components, with Barry Grant, CV, Dailey Engineering, Holley, Johnson, KSE, Moroso, Waterman, and others, by Glen Smale.
9. Art and Science - New simulation technology in exhaust system design, by Jack Burns.
10. How Evernham Loses to Win - A discussion with Evernham Motorsports insiders on the exhaustive efforts at friction reduction, by Mark McArdle and Tommy Wheeler.
11. Apples and Razors - Inside Hasselgren Racing Engines and their various endurance engine programs: critical suppliers and components, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 021 Cover

Issue 021 Cover

1. Rat Refreshed - New components for the GM DRCE Pro Stock engine.
2. PAC Racing's Innovative Spring Damper - A look at the implementation and effects of this new product to absorb vibration energy out of busy valve springs.
3. From F1 V8 to MotoGP V4? - The state of the art in current Formula One powertrain technology: engine performance and deployment, clutch, gearbox and shifting, the future.
4. Seeing the Charge - The advantages of the Mondello Wet Flow Bench in cylinder head development.
5. Pushrod Le Mans Star - An in-depth look at the Le Mans winning Chevrolet LS-7 engine package: base engine, block, heads, bottom end, valvetrain, engine control, friction, performance, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Big Bang for Grass - A discussion of the use of the "big-bang" odd-fire inline-four in Autograss racing.
7. The Crankshaft Mass Experiment - A discussion of the problems caused caused by crankshaft vibration in the new Ilmor MotoGP engine, by Neil Spalding.
8. Spring Forward - Current technology in helical valve springs: design, material, heat treats, surface preparation, with Comp Cams, Crane, Kauffmann, MW Industries, PAC, Performance Springs, Ferrea, Kobe Steel and others, by Glen Smale.
9. Tuning for Titles - Inside the Alan Johnson Racing engine devlopment program: components, suppliers, in-house practices, by Anne Proffit.

RET Issue 020 Cover

Issue 020 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: F1 Engine Regulations, F1 Super Turbocharger, F1 Hybrid engines, KERS in F1, Hardide Coatings, Del West NASCAR rocker arm, New CUP Tappets, Tilton's COT Package, MMC Rods, ATI Super Damper, and more.
2. Formula One and Frictional Losses - The analysis and reduction of frictional losses in the context of F1 engines, by Cosworth's Head of F1 Engineering Simon Corbyn.
3. Border Control - The state of the art in gasket and oil seal technology, with Cometic, Garlock, Race-Tek, Fel-Pro and REPACK, by Glen Smale.
4. Transformation - The development of the Yamaha M-1 MotoGP engine, by Neil Spalding.
5. Mighty Midget Connections - Inside Ed Pink Racing Engines and the development of TRD's midget engine: components, development, performance, by Anne Proffit.
6. Dedicated Engine Engineeering - An inside look at the manufacturing and development capabilities of Danielson Engineering: CAD, castings, camshafts, cylinder heads, the entire spectrum, by Ian Bamsey.
7. Inside an Affordable EMS - A continuation of a discussion of the technology and capabilities of the Van Kronenburg engine management system and their technology, by John Coxon.

RET Issue 019 Cover

Issue 019 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: F1 KERS insights; Ford's new 8.20liter NHRA V8; Evolution to 2011 F1 Turbo engines, and Steel pistons for diesels.
2. Prancing Horse Power - A question-and-answer interview with Ferrari engine guru Paolo Martinelli, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Porsche, Honda: Beware - A presentation of exciting potential developments to the turbocharged AER 2.0-liter inline-4 LM-P2 engine that could provide a major challenge to the other top players.
4. A New Level - Insight into the design and development of Ilmor Engineering's new 800cc Moto-GP-wining engine, by Neil Spalding.
5. Lord of the Rings - New technology in piston rings and the piston / rings / bore interface, by Glen Smale.
6. EXPO - A synopsis-look at new products, including Connectors, CAD/CAM software, 2-speed supercrarger drive, piston skirt coatings, Diesel test equipment, an improved intercooler, and others, by Ian Wagstaff.
7. Driving the Next 500 Winner - A report on newly developed technology for Cup pistons and cylinder bore finishing, by Ian Bamsey.
8. Capable yet Affordable - Insight into the new, affordable, flexible Engine Management System from Van Kronenburg Autosport, by John Coxon.
9. The Quick and the Fast - Inside NHRA engine builder Steve Schmidt Competition Engines, by Anne Proffit.
10. Horses for Courses - A summary of the teams and equipment competing in MotoGP.

RET Issue 018 Cover

Issue 018 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: The impact of the new 800cc MotoGP engine formula; Effects of moving the cam drive and clutch systems to different locations; The exit of Cosworth from F1; Cooling the pistons in the Audi diesel, and more.
2. Pushing V8 Limits - An in-depth conversation with Alex Hitzinger on F1 V8 engine technology, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Return of the Lion - Initial detailed investigation into the Peugeot V12 turbo-diesel for Le Mans, by Ian Bamsey.
4. Levelling the Playing Field - A discussion of alternative methods for regulating Le Mans engine performance, by Ian Bamsey.
5. The Power of Motion - New technology, methods, coatings, finishes and techniques in camshaft design, by Glen Smale.
6. Simple but Effective - Inside the new Honda V5 race-winning MotoGP engine, by Neil Spalding
7. Driving Grand Prix Wins - A discussion of current F1 piston technology (design, endurance life, materials, coatings, form, surfaces, etc.) with Mahle Motorsport's Fred Tuerk, by Ian Bamsey.
8. Cup Winning Partnerships - The relationship between a top Cup engine builder and the various suppliers of components: Inside Joe Gibbs Racing, by Martin D. Clark.
9. Spy in the Plenum - An investigation into the details of the ACO's realtime performance monitoring and telemetry system for verifying Le Mans rules compliance, by Ian Bamsey.

RET Issue 017 Cover

Issue 017 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: F1 conrods with integral big-end bearings; New fuel cell developments, F1 engine regulations, and more.
2. Honda's V8 Connection - A detailed conversation with Hiroshi Abe, Technical Director of Honda Racing Development, regarding details of Honda's F1 V8 engine, by Ian Bamsey.
3. Ever the Pioneer - Details on the new Bosch engine management systems, including the MS-14 and MS-15 CI controllers and the MS-4 series of SI controllers.
4. The French Connection - Conversations with Jon Hilton, head of the Renault F1 engine team, on the acquisition of the TWR-Hart F1 V10 engine by Renault, and with Rob White, Technical Director for Renault F1 Engines on the new 2.4-liter V8.
5. Godden is Back - Details on the reborn Godden 500cc single for Speedway, Grass Track and Long Track racing, by Neil Spalding.
6. Best Bell - Professor Gordon P. Blair and W. Melvin Cahoon discuss the optimization of an engine air intake bellmouth and the advanced software they used for the project.
7. Center of Power - Current racing crankshaft technology: materials, processes, balance, lubrication, and more, by Glen Smale.
8. Running an Aston V12 - Details of Pectel's newest engine management system and its iintegration with the DBRS9 V12 engine, by John Coxon.
9. Whisper It - Notes on of the engines competing at Le Mans, 2006: AER, Aston Martin, Audi, EDL, GM Powertrain, Lister, Mecachrome, Porsche, Prodrive, WR, Zytek, and others.

RET Issue 016 Cover

Issue 016 Cover

1. GRID - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: Max Mosley's tirade against F1 engine manufacturers; Ideas on KERS; Advantage: Diesel?; and more.
2. Turning the Page - A report on the 2006 Le Mans race, with special insight into the Audi Diesel victory.
3. 600 to 800 - A conversation with Jon Hilton, head of the Renault F1 engine team, on the design and development of the 3.0 liter V10 F1 engines.
4. Control Center - A detailed interview with Dr. Mario Theissen, on details of the BMW 2.4 liter F1 V8, by Ian Bamsey.
5. Parity at Silverstone - Observations on the performance levels of the 2006-crop of F1 V8 engines, with data from the British Grand Prix, by Ian Bamsey.
6. Hidden Advantage - Details and results of a little-known finishing process (REM Isotropic Superfinishing) widely used among top powertrain producers, by John Stowe.
7. First Finish - Latest information on surface finishing technology and various specialized coatings, by Glen Smale.
8. Engineering Progress - A summary of the technical presentations at Engine Expo 2006.
9. Power Hub - Description of a sophisticated microprocessor-controlledpower distribution unit which replaces circuit breakers and relays, and monitors usage on each channel.
10. Power Flow - The potentials for the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in racing, by John Coxon.
11. Prototype for Parity - A summary of the engine regulations in Grand American Road Racing Association's effort to provide tight competition among a diverse group of vehicles.

RET Issue 015 Cover

Issue 015 Cover



RET Issue 014 Cover

Issue 014 Cover



RET Issue 013 Cover

Issue 013 Cover



RET Issue 012 Cover

Issue 012 Cover



RET Issue 011 Cover

Issue 011 Cover



RET Issue 010 Cover

Issue 010 Cover



RET Issue 009 Cover

Issue 009 Cover



RET Issue 008 Cover

Issue 008 Cover



RET Issue 007 Cover

Issue 007 Cover



RET Issue 006 Cover

Issue 006 Cover



RET Issue 005 Cover

Issue 005 Cover



RET Issue 004 Cover

Issue 004 Cover



RET Issue 003 Cover

Issue 003 Cover



RET Issue 002 Cover

Issue 002 Cover



This issue, published in the Summer of 2003, is the launch of a magazine dedicated to the subject of high performance powertrain engineering. The editor (Ian Bamsey) writes: "Over time, RET will build into an indispensable library of technical information". That has indeed proven to be the case.
RET Issue 001 Cover

Issue 001 Cover

1. SHOP TALK: - A series of short articles on interesting subjects including: The AER 2.0 liter turbo-inline-4 used in the Lola-MG Le Mans Prototype car; Maxsym Engine Technology's patented engine balance system; Titanium valve spring development at RCS; HPD's new IRL engine; ARP's new bolt stretch gauge, and more.
2. Hooked On Speed - A detailed investigation into the development of the 3.0 liter F1 engine from 9000 rpm, 133 BHP per liter to 19000 rpm and 300 BHP per liter.
3. "H" is for Carillo - An interview with Jack Sparks, COO of Carillo Industries, discussing the latest technology in conrods.
4. PROFILE: Comptech Chevy Indy V8 - A detailed look into the development and the componentry of the 2002 Indy pole winning engine.
5. MUSINGS: A Chassis Guru's View of Engine Builders - Carroll Smith exponds on the care and feeding of the engine builder.
6. INSIGHT: Sachs F1 Clutch - Details on how Sachs Race Engineering has made its tiny F1 clutch even smaller and lighter.
7. SOTA: Direct Fuel Injection - A look at how Bosch continues to pioneer motorsport fuelling technology.
8. PROFILE: Low Rider - An in-depth report on the development, implimentation and performance of the IES / JPX 120° V6 Le Mans Prototype engine.
9. Porter's Protege - A discussion with Rick Long, who together with Herb Porter, founded Speedway Engine Development; details about the changing nature of Indy Car engine building.
10. INSIGHT: Advanced Digital Manufacturing - A look at how advanced digital manufacturing will revolutionize race engine technology through rapid prototyping and direct manufacture of plastic, ceramic and metal parts.
11. POWERTRAIN SHOP: Inside EMCO - A look at the capabilities and developments of EMCO Gears' dedicated racing transmission and R&D base in Indianapolis.
12. PROFILE: Marathon Runner - A report on the development of the Cosworth XFE into a 1200 mile race engine for CART.
13. CLASSIC ENGINES: The Pushrod Mercedes Indy Engine - A fascinating study of the technology and innovation which Ilmor Engineering used to develop the "stock block" engine that dominated the 1994 Indy 500.

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