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 Last Update:  15 Nov 2010

- New Life for a 1960-era Turbocharged Diesel -

More Power AND Reduced Emissions

Although it seems unusual, there exists in 2010 a large number of railroad locomotives, tugboats, stationary powerplants and other powerplant applications which use a turbocharged 2-stroke diesel engine, the design of which is well over 50 years old. This V-block engine, the Electro-Motive (GM) 645, comes in 8, 12, 16 and 20-cylinder configurations. These engines, in stock form, produce 1525, 2305, 3070 and 3600 HP respectively, at 900 RPM.

Think about that:-- 3600 HP at 900 RPM requires 21008 lb-ft of torque!

The EPA has issued increasingly-restrictive emissions requirements for all such industrial diesels. Many of the newer engines use sophisticated computer controls which greatly assisted their manufacturers to comply. The GM-645 is no longer in production, but it is still widely used, and aftermarket replacement parts are readily available.

Hatch & Kirk, one of the major producers of replacement parts for this engine, contracted with EPI, Inc. to develop a new cylinder head and other components to help bring the GM-645 into emissions compliance.

The results were spectacular in that the target emissions requirements were exceeded, AND the engine power output was increased over 25% at the same time.

We will be adding information and pictures about this project in the near future.

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